Small Business Shout Outs are starting up again!  But you have to follow the directions carefully!

Small Business Shout Outs are free to any local business, but only one per company.  Its a great way to introduce yourself to our large audience of viewers.  Of course your business must be a legal business.

Shout outs will only be accepted by e-mailing it to:

DO NOT message us on Facebook.  There is no way to organize Facebook messages and they WILL get lost.

In the subject line of the e-mail put Shout Out  and the name of your company.

Tell our audience about you.  We will cut and paste your ad.  Keep it brief.  Less is more–6 sentences should be good.  Double check spelling and grammar.  Have a friend double check it for you!

A Photo and links are very important.  The link should either be to your website or Facebook page. Don’t have either?  Facebook is very easy to set up a business page.  Google Setting up a Facebook Business Page.  Please only attach one photo.  Include your phone numbers!

We will get flooded with requests.  I will place them in the order we receive them unless it is timely like for a certain weekend (but I cannot guarantee this). I cannot provide any follow up e-mails on when your ad will show. 



By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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