It was great meeting Gregg and Kyle Miller from Miller Nissan.  They are thinking outside the box as they said and looking to advertise with us!  I can personally vouch for the credibility of the dealership when a couple years ago my 90 year old father in law wanted to purchase a new car.  Another dealership tried to do a bait and switch on him and I said let’s try Miller.  I didn’t tell them who I was and they treated him with great respect, even thanking him for serving in WWII.  The paid attention to every detail to the sale including adding WICC to the preset on his radio!

There is always an owner on scene to ensure the best possible experience.  If you have driven by the place lately you will see the new makeover of the building. Gregg gave me a tour of the place still under construction.  He was particularly proud of the service team which is the sign of good dealership.

I look forward working with them to show you the deals on new and used cars and maybe you can be Millerized!



The new service center.
The new service center.


By Alex

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