#HARTFORD, CT – Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced a series of grants under the state’s Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP), which will be awarded to 28 towns throughout Connecticut for the purposes of funding a variety of economic development, community conservation and quality-of-life projects.


“These small town grants allow the state to partner with municipalities on projects that will help improve our communities, rebuild our infrastructure, and create jobs,” Governor Malloy said.  “These are investments that will make our towns a better place to live and work, will increase the quality of life, and help attract economic development and growth.”


The STEAP grants announced today are as follows:


$500,000 to help fund the expansion of the Nathaniel Witherell’s rehabilitation center.  The Nathaniel Witherell is a 110-year-old municipally-owned, skilled nursing facility and short-term rehabilitation center that cares for hundreds of people every year.  The existing conditions pose severe accessibility issues for residents, staff and visitors as the building was constructed before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed. The renovations will provide ADA and facility upgrades to provide patients with more comfortable, updated surroundings.




$500,000 for the design, construction and completion of Phase I of the Agnes Schiavi Tetlak Park project, including excavation, site preparation, utility work and completion of an all-purpose athletic field.  The overall project also includes building a pavilion on site.



$342,000 for parking lot improvements to the Mark Twain Library, a private, non-profit corporation that provides free library services to the Town of Redding.  The funding will be used to expand and improve the parking and make improvements to the drainage and septic system infrastructure.



$320,000 for Phase III of the Danbury Road Streetscape project.  Funding for this phase will go toward the installation of decorative streetlights, new sidewalks, and retrofitted handicapped ramps to enhance pedestrian safety.



$180,000 for final design and construction of exterior site improvements to Ridgefield’s Town Hall, including the reconstruction of existing walkways and stairs, installation of new lighting, and drainage improvements to improve site safety and aesthetics.



$200,000 for Phase III of the Seymour Sidewalk Replacement Project, making them ADA compliant.  Streets include Pearl Street, Washington Ave and Roberts Street.



$226,000 for the renovation of the Mary J. Sherlach Counseling Center, which provides family counseling for Trumbull residents and their families.  The center will undergo a general renovation, including making the building ADA compliant.  Formerly the Trumbull Council Center, the town council voted to rename the building in February 2013 in honor of Mary Sherlach, who lost her life in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.



$225,000 to replace the town’s worn soccer/lacrosse field with synthetic turf.  The field is used by Weston High School, Weston’s Park and Recreation, soccer clubs and various other community groups.



$450,000 for the Commercial Façade Improvement Program and redevelopment of 1000 Silas Deane Highway.  The Façade Improvement Assistance program has been in existence since 2005 and was established to provide financial assistance to business owners along the Silas Deane Highway, Berlin Turnpike and Main Street with commercial building façade improvements.  1000 Silas Deane Highway is a blighted property that will be redeveloped with the intent to create a net positive impact for the community.



$500,000 for Phase III of the reconstruction of Turnpike Road, including drainage and improvements.  The road was heavily damaged by flooding in October 2005 and the town has been working diligently to repair it to ensure a smooth and safe drive for commuters.



$500,000 for the Wilton Train Station Walkway Project, which consists of the design and construction of a pedestrian travelway that connects the Wilton Train Station, Wilton Center and several multi-family residential communities.  The project will provide a safe pathway for people to walk throughout the center of town.


$500,000 for pedestrian and traffic flow improvements to the north entrance of the Beecher Road Elementary School.  The renovation will improve safety and access to the school for students, employees and the residents of Woodbridge.


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