Month: November 2016

Stratford News: Police Activity At Checkers

7:40pm--#Stratford Connecticut-- There is police activity at Checkers at 1796 Barnum Avenue.  The radios are very staticy and broken up but it sounds like the were robbed and possibly the suspects have been captured.  Again it is very hard to make out the full radio transmissions and I will rely on the police report tomorrow for the full details.  Maybe some of our Stratford listeners were able to hear it better and can update us.   This news report is made possible by:

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Fairfield News: FEDup/FedEx Road Rage

4:38pm--#Fairfield Connecticut-- Another road rage incident, this time between a FedEx van and a 2004 Lincoln Navigator.  It started on the Post Road near Beaumont Avenue.  The caller is a witness who said the FedEx driver was banging on the Navigator's window at the library.  Police caught up with the FedEx driver near Morgan Stanley near Mill Plain Road and the Navigator fled onto Unquowa Road.  The FedEx driver received a warning according to radio reports.   This news report is made possible by:

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Stratford News: Calling The Cops?

#Stratford Connecticut---The Town of Stratford Emergency Dispatch Center is currently having problems with the telephone lines.  911 still works and will be re-routed to assisting agencies for emergencies.  Non emergency calls should be placed to 203-381-1219 until further notice.  We do not expect any interruption in services. (Press Release) This report is made possible by:

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