Month: October 2017

Fairfield News: Fairfield Cop Gives Out Candy

#Fairfield CT– I’m looking out my window for Trick or Treaters to visit my home when I spot a police car pull up next to my neighbor’s yard.  I’m like what the heck I’m monitoring and didn’t hear anything for next door.  It turned out to be Fairfield Police Officer Peck had stopped to deliver some candy to the kids that were there.  At first I thought it was his kids because they were dressed as police officers!   Not related at all, we all happened to be in the right place at the right time!  Turns out officer Peck buys ten pounds of candy and distributes them until he runs out.  Way to go!!  How about some likes for him?



Bridgeport News: Shots Fired During Pursuit

7:14pm–#Bridgeport CT– Officers responded to 412 Summerfield Avenue on a report of a domestic/threatening incident.  Police returned to the home around 8:25pm after it was reported the suspect was attempting to kick in her door.  Police spokesperson Av Harris said at 8:37 officers engaged in pursuit with the suspect after doing a follow up at 42 Kent Avenue where the suspect might have gone to.  During the pursuit of the officers reported shots fired.  The suspect was detained at Sage and Barnum Avenue.  Three ambulances were called to the scene, 2 for officers and 1 ambulance for the suspect.  There is no report of what kind of injuries anyone sustained.


Fairfield Town Hall Flocked

#Fairfield CT– If you drove by town hall on the Old Post Road on Friday you would have noticed an invasion of pink on the front lawn.  I contacted First Selectman Mike Tetreau who told me to contact the Park and Recreation Department.  I called and was told the woman I needed to speak to went to lunch, I have not heard back from her by the end of day.  So I looked up “You’ve Been Flocked” on Google and

states” Flamingo flocking refers to a form of lawn greeting. It involves the placement of a “flock” of plastic pink flamingoes in someone’s yard. The flocking might be ordered by someone for placement in a friend or family member’s yard, as a practical joke, or to wish someone a happy birthday or celebrate some other special occasion”.   


The signs indicated it benefited the Narma F. Priem Breast Care Center.