#Fairfield CT–At approximately 6:02 PM on 07/21/2021, Fairfield Police responded to a report of a robbery at the Charles Schwab Offices located at 1248 Post Road

The Charles Schwab Security Hotline called Fairfield Police to report that they received a call from an employee who stated someone had a gun to her head. The hotline identified the location as the Charles Schwab offices located at 1248 Post Rd.

Multiple police patrols, supervisors, and detectives immediately responded to the scene. Patrols temporarily shut down traffic to secure the scene while attempting to make contact with employees inside the building. Three employees were on scene at the time of the 9-1-1 call and were unaware of any robbery or other criminal activity occurring. Officers and detectives were able to evacuate the employees from the premises safely. Police entered the building to ensure all spaces were safe and secure, and found no additional occupants, nor evidence of criminal activity occurring on the premises.

After continuing to investigate the origin of the initial call to the Charles Schwab Security Hotline, it was determined that a Norwalk resident and Charles Schwab client had entered the Fairfield office, and while speaking to an employee,  made claims of being a victim of a domestic violence incident in which a gun was held to her head. A supervisor made a notification to the security hotline about these statements, resulting in a miscommunication and a subsequent phone call to Fairfield Police Dispatchers regarding an active emergency.

The Norwalk Police Department has been notified regarding the claims made by the Norwalk resident.

(Fairfield Police press release)

Stephen Krauchick

By Stephen Krauchick

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