The Fairfield Police Department is receiving numerous reports of scam calls which appear to target Doctors. The calls involve the individual claiming to be a member of the Fairfield Police Department. The call also appears to come from our non-emergency telephone number. The recipient of the call is told they missed a court appearance in which they were required to provide expert testimony in a case potentially involving a patient and that as a result, a warrant for their arrest has been issued. Some recipients report receiving a voicemail stating there is a “confidential legal matter” that needs to be discussed and are given a number to call back which does not belong to the Police Department.
These calls are fake and the phone number on the Caller ID is being “spoofed” or altered to appear as if they are coming for the Police Department. Please just ignore the call and do not respond. The Fairfield Police Department does not generally call individuals regarding active arrest warrants and never calls anyone regarding missed court appearances.
The recipients of these recent calls immediately recognized the call as a scam and contacted police, however, these types of calls usually result in the scammer soliciting money for bond and threatening immediate arrest if the bond is not paid. The Fairfield Police Department does not take bond payment over the phone and bonds are only ever accepted following an arrest, not to prevent one.
We encourage any resident who is contacted by an unknown individual and is asked for money to contact the Fairfield Police Department if they are concerned or in doubt about the legitimacy of the call. Odds are, the call is a scam with the purpose of extorting individuals for money.
Anyone receiving such a call may contact Police at (203) 254-4800.
More information on protecting yourself and family from falling victims to scams can be found here:

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