#STRATFORD – The Connecticut Urban Forest Climate Change Grants Program has awarded the Town of Stratford $37,000 to replant trees along neighborhood streets.  

The grant came in response to the Town’s application for funding for a “Street Tree Replanting” project. It is one of only five grants awarded by The Connecticut Urban Forest Council during the grant period, and the $37,000 award is the maximum amount granted. 

With the funding the Town will purchase approximately 100 trees for planting along streets in two areas designated as Environmental Justice Communities – the South End and the West Side. As part of the grant program, the Town will provide project oversight by Environmental Conservation Superintendent Kelly Kerrigan, who spearheaded the grant application, and planting services by the Department of Public Works tree crew.  

Kerrigan plans to meet with members of the neighborhoods before finalizing precise locations for the new trees and planting the new trees during 2022. 

Mayor Laura R. Hoydick said, “I am grateful to the Connecticut Urban Forest Council for awarding this grant that will support my administration’s continuing efforts to focus on Environmental Justice in all parts of town. I am proud of the work being done by the Department of Public Works and Conservation Superintendent Kelly Kerrigan to develop this tree replanting project and obtain grant funding for it.” 

Kerrigan added, “Trees provide a myriad of well-documented benefits ranging from mitigating the effects of excess stormwater to even improving mental health for those living and working in the area. I’m thankful to CUFC for this grant which will serve to springboard urban forestry education and tree replanting efforts here in Stratford.” 

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