Yes, this airplane will really fly!

The Tango Flight program began at Bassick High School in Fall 2020.  Students have been building the Vans RV-12iS, a single engine, FAA light sport two-seat airplane, alongside seasoned aviation mentors. As this build is coming to completion, students have already begun build number two.

Tango Flight, a privately funded not-for-profit innovative program, provides students with the tools and skills to build and fly a two-seat airplane over the course of a school year. Students learn about aviation, aerospace engineering, experience stem education, and can even earn college credit.

The key to the program’s success is mentors who are willing to share their time and knowledge. Joy Karageorge, with First Aviation Services Inc., the sponsor of the Bassick program, and coordinator of the mentor onboarding, said “mentors have been aviation enthusiasts with varied backgrounds including airline pilots, helicopter and fixed wing engineers and civil air patrol pilots. Most mentors dedicate one day per week, for about 1 to 2 hours with the students.  Some of the mentors have had administrative and management experience and they too, quickly acquire the skills necessary for building a light experimental class aircraft.”

David Paqua, the lead mentor to the Bassick High School program said “the aircraft, a Vans RV-12iS is one of the most popular homebuilts in the world. Safe, reliable, and easy to construct for first time home builders, it still requires meticulous attention to detail.  This is a hands-on program, not a theoretical exercise which makes it fun for the students and mentors.” Paqua went on to say, “skills developed include riveting, fabrication, electronics, fiberglass construction. “

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By Stephen Krauchick

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