In Fairfield, two individuals, a male identified as Radu Radulescu with a date of birth of 10/24/88, and a female identified as Pinchi Anghel with a date of birth of 3/25/90, are currently in custody. The Fairfield Police Department was contacted because both individuals were recognized by Home Depot for engaging in larcenies through fraudulent activities.

Their modus operandi involved taking products from the shelves, returning the items, and using sleight of hand techniques to steal money from the cashiers. During the encounter with law enforcement, the female provided a fake name, which led to her being charged with interfering with the officers.

The male subject, Radu Radulescu, who has an extensive criminal history across multiple states, attempted to evade arrest by fleeing and providing a fake name. Additionally, he has outstanding warrants in six different states: Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Utah, Virginia, and New Jersey. Most of these warrants are related to charges of fraud and larceny.

It’s important to note that the warrants from Utah and Virginia allow for full extradition, meaning Radu Radulescu will be held in custody and face charges as a Fugitive From Justice. The legal proceedings will follow accordingly.

Stephen Krauchick

By Stephen Krauchick

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