(Westport, CT) In May 2023, the Westport Police Detective Bureau initiated an investigation after a victim fell victim to a sophisticated financial scam. The victim, who was ensnared in January 2023, transferred money from their retirement account into a “Kraken” Cryptocurrency account. Subsequently, between January and March 2023, scammers managed to siphon off over three million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin to cryptocurrency wallets beyond the victim’s control. Collaborating with the CT State Police Organized Crime Task Force, the Westport Police Detective Bureau successfully traced the transactions and froze all associated accounts, ultimately leading to individuals in Pakistan. While apprehending the culprits is unlikely, Westport Police are pleased to announce the recovery of 3.2 million dollars, returned to the victim.

Westport Police aims to emphasize the importance of vigilance within our community, especially in the face of evolving scams. We’re committed to raising awareness about such crypto scams and offering guidance on how to safeguard against falling prey to them. Stay informed and protect yourself from these deceptive schemes.

By Alex

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