Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz announced today that the state, through the bond commission, is allocating $396,000 in state funds to support the much-needed renovation of the Eastern EMS Center. The renovation project, with a total estimated cost of $3.7 million, aims to address critical infrastructure issues and enhance public safety in the community.

Speaking at the Eastern EMS Center, Bysiewicz emphasized the importance of the project, stating that the funds will be used to replace aging septic systems, install watershed protection, expand parking facilities, and upgrade the overall infrastructure of the facility. The Lieutenant Governor highlighted the challenges faced by emergency personnel, stressing the need for separate quarters for sleeping, changing, and showering for men and women in law enforcement, EMTs, and firefighters.

Selectman Bindelglass shed light on the funding dynamics of the town, explaining that Easton relies heavily on property taxes as it lacks a commercial tax base. He expressed the town’s commitment to maintaining its current character while acknowledging the necessity of upgrading the over 100-year-old facility.

During the event, an EMT raised concerns about the lack of privacy between men and women within the current facility, highlighting the urgent need for renovations. The EMS Center, formerly a firehouse, has served the community for over a century and is now in dire need of modernization.

Senator Tony Hwang emphasized the project’s primary focus on public safety and the critical role infrastructure plays in saving lives. He stressed the urgency of efficient infrastructure design to ensure first responders can reach emergencies promptly, especially in a building that is a century old.

Chief Arnold, of the Easton Police Ems, expressed gratitude for the state funds, stating that the money will significantly improve living conditions and operational efficiency in the 98-year-old building. The funds will be utilized to recruit and retain volunteer EMTs, upgrade equipment, and streamline emergency response times, ultimately benefiting the Eastern and surrounding communities.

Senator Hwang concluded by acknowledging that the allocated funds are just the beginning of the financial commitment required for the project. As a member of the bonding subcommittee, he hinted at potential future requests to complete the renovation, emphasizing the state’s dedication to public safety in Easton.

The renovation of the Eastern EMS Center is anticipated to enhance emergency services, support the dedicated personnel, and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

By Stephen Krauchick

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