It is been reported that a local resident, Miguel Rojas, is on track to serve a 22-year prison sentence after entering a plea of no contest on Thursday. The charges stemmed from the stalking and subsequent fatal shooting of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend on a downtown street.

Rojas, 30, opted for a plea of no contest to first-degree manslaughter with a firearm before Superior Court Judge Tracy Lee Dayton, just as his case was set to go to trial. While not admitting guilt, Rojas acknowledged that he was no longer contesting the charges, leading the judge to find him guilty.

Scheduled for sentencing on May 1, Rojas faces a potential 22-year prison term under the terms of the plea bargain. His legal representative, Frederick Paoletti Jr., declined to provide any comments.

The incident involved Rojas fatally shooting 37-year-old Jalen Parilla on December 3, 2021, in the vicinity of West Avenue and West Liberty Street. According to Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney Michael DeJoseph, Rojas had been stalking both his ex-girlfriend and Parilla for an extended period, going as far as placing an Apple AirTag on the victim’s car.

By Stephen Krauchick

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