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Fire At Congregation Beth El Fairfield

IMG_4521On February 14, 2013 at 1:48 PM the Fairfield Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a fire in a room at Congregation Beth El on Fairfield Woods Road. In addition to the initial 911 caller, a police officer on patrol in the area also reported seeing heavy smoke coming from the roof of the building. Initial arriving fire personnel found a natural gas fed HVAC unit on fire on the roof of the building which created a moderate smoke condition inside the building. All students were evacuated from the school and were kept in a safe location along with teachers in accordance with the schools emergency plan prior to the Fire Department’s arrival. Due to the time of day, students were dismissed directly to their parents care in front of the building without incident. Fire personnel shut off the gas to the building and controlled the fire which was contained to the roof top unit. Additional firefighters checked the inside of the building for fire extension and any possible victims remaining inside the building. Fire personnel also ensured that all religious artifacts and precious documents were protected during the fire.

Assistant Chief Scott Bisson stated, “The school did an excellent job in exercising their fire evacuation plan which allowed them to account for each child outside of the school and kept the kids safely away from the school so firefighters could do their work.”

The building was not significantly damage and was able to be occupied immediately after the fire.  The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Fairfield Fire Marshall’s office but appears to be accidental in nature related to weather conditions. The flames were coming from a broken gas pipe connected to the HVAC unit on the roof. Southern Connecticut Gas was called to the scene to assist with securing the equipment. Fairfield Woods Road was shut down for approx. 20 minutes during the fire although parents were allowed to the front of the building to pick up children from school staff. Twenty people were evacuated for approximately 1 hour and there were no reported injuries. Four engines, two ladders, the Shift Commander and Safety Officer responded to this incident. The last fire unit cleared the scene at 3:02 PM

Fire on Roberts Street Bridgeport With Rescue

Looking for escape from the third floor
Roberts Street Rescue
Firefighters do not hesitate to rescue despite a possibility of shots fired

Police were called to 158 Roberts Street around 9:30am Wednesday morning for a report of shots fired.  A fire also broke out at the as well and first responders tried to sort out what was taking place.  Our residential corespondent  Miguel Masso was just trying to get to work for the first time since the blizzard hit.  The day before he and neighbors dug out Roberts Street by hand.  Fortunately a firefighter was also involved with the dig out and instructed everyone to clear the hydrant that was used to put out this fire.  Police had to handle the scene as an active shooter on scene as you can see in the video.  Firefighters arrived and rescued a woman from the third floor as flames could be seen on the second floor as captured by resident correspondent photographer Deborah Lee Miller Riley.   Police and firefighters also rescued two dogs.  Witnesses said a man with emotional problems may have  been yelling and screaming in the house to make people think there was a shooting.   Police and SWAT team personnel did find a ma on the second floor with burns laying on the floor.   No guns were found inside the building.   As you can expect police an fire departments are investigating.

Citizens Clear City Streets From Blizzard

Salem Street Residents Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands!
Salem Street Residents Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands!

After a historic blizzard that dropped over thirty inches of snow over the state cities and towns strained to clear the roads

Neighbors at Vanguard Street get together and shovel their street from the top of the hill all the way to Main Street
Neighbors at Vanguard Street get together and shovel their street from the top of the hill all the way to Main Street

from such a staggering blanket of snow.  Ambulances and firetrucks getting stuck to and from calls were a common site as well as citizens pushing them out.  There have been a great number of stories of neighbor helping neighbor and I was proud to give the good citizens an audience on our Facebook page, asking for examples and oh we got man of them! The city of Bridgeport announced that they may not be able clear all roads until next Sunday.   People then started posting on our Facebook page photos of neighbors clearing their own streets!  I have to admit I looked at the fire hydrant three houses down from my house and thought of taking the fire department’s suggestion of digging hydrants out for our safety.  But there was about five feet of deep snow, even with my snow blower I’d probably be a medical call before  I finished.  Clearing an entire street by hand?  Amazing!  We got many examples.

Inspired, we teamed up with Fire Engine Pizza at 2914 Fairfield Avenue, for a Street Clearing Talent Contest! Send us a video of you and your neighbors clearing the street of snow in a creative way, i.e. a rap, a dance, a parody or just having fun, whatever! Use your imagination! Sent the video or Youtube link to doingitlocal.com@gmail.com along with your contact info. The wining group will get TEN free pizzas from our good friends at Fire Engine Pizza in Black Rock. The gang at the bar will select their winner Friday night! If there are other businesses that would like to contribute prizes contact me at the e-mail above!

Ferris Street digging out
Ferris Street digging out
The National Guard is in own!  Here is a photo of an all wheel drive fire truck sent in by Chris Clarke FirstDuePhotography.smugmug.com
The National Guard is in town! Here is a photo of an all wheel drive fire truck sent in by Chris Clarke

Man With Knife Attacks Police, Man Shot by Police

Around 9pm Thursday night police were called by University of Bridgeport about a man with knife.  When police arrived the man engaged police on a foot pursuit down Atlantic Street.  The man ran into an apartment complex at 557 Street where a stand off occurred. The man attacked police with the knife and police tased him 3 three times, the man still did not drop the knife and lunged at police when officers shot him according to our sources.  The suspect is alive and at the hospital, the extent of his injuries are not known at this time.  One police officer was taken to the hospital as well.  I saw him walk to the ambulance with an oxygen mask.  Again, injuries are not known at this time but he appeared alert with no life threatening injuries.  An investigation is underway.  As with all breaking news facts will change so if we get any updates we will post them on DoingItLocal.com.

Robber Wanted Captured After Pursuit

A man warming up his car in Bridgeport was in for a big surprise when a man jumped into the car, sped off towards Fairfield. The man who stole the car then went to Southport and robbed the Southport News at 3564 Post Road just after 1pm Tuesday. Police got a description from the shop owner and located the silver Buick and engaged it in pursuit. The chase ran through Fairfield and into Bridgeport where Bridgeport Police joined in the chase. The pursuit ended when the Buick almost crashed into the Maple Mart Grocery and Deli on Hancock Ave. A foot pursuit through the backyards before police caught up with him and brought him into custody. Sergeant Sue Lussier told us the suspect was wanted in connection in an attempted robbery at McDonald’s on Fairfield Avenue, Andros Diner on Villa Avenue and the Cumberland Farms at 975 Kings Highway. Police are still on the scene collecting evidence.