Stratford News: People Stuck On A Carnival Ride

3:24pm--#Stratford CT--Firefighters on the way to assist freeing people stuck on the 1001 (k)Nights ride at the carnival at 411 Barnum Avenue Cutoff.  The lift bar is stuck in the down position and the carnival operator is having problems freeing the people. If you like our live reporting as it is happening would you consider helping us continue by donating?

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Stratford-Bridgeport News: Police Pursuit/Manhunt

1:52pm--#Stratford CT--#Bridgeport CT--Stratford Police pursuit ends on 6th Avenue in Bridgeport.  One woman is in custody, two males still at large. They are wanted for shoplifting in Stratford.  They ran towards Connecticut Avenue.  UPDATE--One male now in custody, sounds like the driver is still at large.  2:43pm--UPDATE--All 3 in custody now!  Bet they wish all they had were just shoplifting charges now....

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