Fairfield CT

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Fairfield News: Possible Changes To Noise Ordanances

The residents of Fairfield may face restrictions on lawn maintenance and other noisy activities on weekends and weekdays, following proposed changes to the town's noise ordinance. The changes include the "plainly audible standard" instead of the need to measure decibels, and set times for certain activities. The new ordinance aims to give authorities more leeway to punish people causing a disturbance. The Plainly Audible Standard The proposed noise ordinance replaces the decibel measurement with the "plainly audible standard." This means that if a police officer can easily hear music through a speaker, they can take enforcement action. The standard mainly covers music and sound amplification devices. Set Times for Certain Activities The changes to the noise ordinance also include set…

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Fairfield Health Department Conducts FREE Screenings for Residents to Know Their Numbers

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut (January 30, 2023) – You may have heard that you need to “know yournumbers,” which refers to key markers of heart health like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar,body mass index (BMI), and waist circumference. Although doctors test most of these numbers atannual check-ups, it’s important that you know your numbers and understand what they mean. Bykeeping those numbers within a healthy range, you can greatly improve your heart health and reduceyour risk for heart disease.February is Heart Health month and the Fairfield Health Department is celebrating by urging allresidents to make sure they know their numbers. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in theUnited States for both men and woman, and it is preventable. The Fairfield…

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Fairfield/Bridgeport Break Ins

2:37am--#Fairfield CT--Two attempted break ins in the same area.  One on Rena Place and another within minutes on Toilsome Hill Road.  Police are on scene investigating.  UPDATE--Bridgeport has ransacked vehicles on Ruth, Queen, Thorme and Clarke Streets. They must have a "jimmied" because there is no damage to the locks according to police.  These break ins occured on the side roads off northern Park Avenue.

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