Fairfield CT

Plow plows 2 cars

9:40pm–#Faifield CT–Police are investigating was appears to be a State snowplow hitting two cars at 2104 Easton Turnpike (near Churchill Road).  Officer on scene radioed dispatch to call the residents to come to see their cars when they did come to the door.

Mural Unveiled In Fairfield While Police Still Wait For a Contract

Editorial- On Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 5 pm, First Selectman Tetreau and the newly formed Fairfield Arts Advisory Committee (FAAC) held a press conference to unveil a mural in the second floor conference room in the John J. Sullivan Independence Hall, 725 Old Post Road.  Yet it’s been over two years since the Fairfield Police Department has had a contract or even a cost of living increase.  Priorities….why is Fairfield so anti-union?  They made the fire department and nurses union wait years for a contract proving their anti-union stand.  The town’s sticking point?  Health insurance.  If there is any town employee that should have stellar health insurance that should be our firefighters and police.  Cut it back?  Let’s start with the town leaders who should lead by example.

This editorial has NOT been approved nor endorsed by Fairfield Police Union.  The Fairfield Police Union have served the public during two hurricanes a blizzard and various other storms in the last two years without a contract.  A couple of weeks ago during a stand off  five brave officers were ordered into a wooded area after a shot was fired.  They did not hesitate to proceed.  They are always there for the town of Fairfield and the surrounding towns.  They were the first on scene in Newtown with trained grief counselor officers that fateful day.  Isn’t it time we are there for the police?

Depressing Day?

A lot of suicide attempts in the area today.  We won’t report specifics but a Fairfield man today was rushed to the hospital after intentionally swallowing anti-freeze to end his life.  Firefighters in Bridgeport cut down a person who attempted to hang themselves, performed CPR and saved their life.  In one town a 13 year old was transported for evaluation for suicidal thoughts and in another town (towns intentionally not posted) another 13 year old intentionally attempted to overdose on her psychiatric medication.  There appears to be an increase in psychiatric calls but earlier in November 2012 Governor Malloy cut $80 million to health and human services.

Fairfield Police Contract Going Before RTM

Editorial- The RTM will decide the Fairfield Police Department’s Police Contract on March 18th.  The police union has been operating without a contract for over two years.  That includes two hurricanes and one blizzard of service without complaint.  Two weeks ago 5 officers were sent into a wooded area where a man with a gun a during a standoff.  The officers did not hesitate to move in when ordered even after a shot already rang out.  Why is Fairfield making them wait for a decent contract?

Fairfield has a history of being anti-union, dragging on negotiations with the firefighters union and even the nurses union.

If you live in the town of Fairfield, please contact your RTM officials listed below and tell them you support a decent contract for the police.  Tell them you are tired of the town’s anti union position:

District 1:

David M. Becker: 203-424-0024 (phone), david@davidbecker.com (e-mail)

Michael Herley: 203-308-1409 (phone), michael.herley@gmail.com (email)

Carolyn Richmond: 203-259-4803 (phone), clrichmond@optimum.net (e-mail)

Gaylord Meyer: 203-930-2229 (phone), gaylordmeyer@gmail.com (e-mail)

Eric G. Sundman: 203-255-0101 (phone), ericsundman@optonline.net (e-mail)

District 2:

Peter Ambrose: 203-259-0009 (phone), Peterambrose@snet.net (e-mail)

Amy Jennings: 203-259-2335 (phone)

Jeffrey R. Steele: 203-292-3530 (phone), steelejb@optonline.net (e-mail)

John R. Mitola: 203-254-7288 (phone), jrmitola@aol.com (e-mail)

Keith Storm Varian: 203-292-6860 (phone), kvarian@murthalaw.com (e-mail)

District 3:

Edward J. Bateson III: 203-530-3915 (phone), bateson@optonline.net (e-mail)

Thomas P. Conley: 203-255-9659 (phone)

Francis “Hank” Ference: 203-259-6966 (phone), hank110@optonline.net (e-mail)

Mary I. McCullough: 203-255-0877 (phone), mccullough1450@gmail.com (e-mail)

G. David Mackenzie: 203-255-3348 (phone), gdavid_mackenzie@ml.com (e-mail)

District 4:

Joseph M. DeMartino: 203-256-0036 (phone), joseph.demartino@gmail.com (e-mail)

Arthur G. Hug: 203-372-3379 (phone)

Joseph J. Palmer: 203-254-2522 (phone), joe.palmer@mac.com (e-mail)

Heather Dean: 203-255-5238 (phone), heatherdean2012@gmail.com (e-mail)

Amy Mezoff: 203-522-4090 (phone), amezoffrtm@gmail.com (e-mail)

District 5:

Matthew Ambrose: 203-259-0009 (phone), ambrosem@raveis.com (e-mail)

Joshua Garskof: 203-520-5053 (phone), jgrtm5@gmail.com (e-mail)

Christopher M. McAleese: 203-368-2627 (phone), mcaleesechris@ymail.com (e-mail)

Ruth A. Smey: 203-336-3216 (phone), smey@sbcglobal.net (e-mail)

Ann Stamler: 203-767-3614 (phone), annstamler.dem@gmail.com

District 6:

Christopher J. Brogan: 203-615-1896 (phone), cbrogan5@optonline.net (e-mail)

Leonora P. Campbell: 203-335-2423 (phone), leonorartm6@gmail.com (e-mail)

Julie K. Gottlieb: 203-374-1884 (phone), juliertm6@gmail.com

Sheila H. Marmion: 203-373-1855 (phone), marmionsh@aol.com (e-mail)

Jay G. Wolk: 203-203-0591 (phone), jgwolkrtm6@gmail.com (e-mail)

District 7:

Jennifer Hochberg: 203-372-9838 (phone), jahochberg7@gmail.com (email)

Kevin L. Hoffkins: 203-371-5081 (phone), khoffkins@optonline.net (e-mail)

Eric S. Newman: 203-219-9877 (phone), ericnewmancpa@yahoo.com (e-mail)

Marc Patten: 203-820-4447 (phone), marcpatten@att.net (e-mail)

Harold G. Schwartz: 203-371-7217 (phone), hal7rtm@yahoo.com (e-mail)

District 8:

Kathryn L. Braun: 203-256-0334 (phone), kathrynbraund8@yahoo.com (email)

Dana Kery: 203-256-0762 (phone), danakery@gmail.com (email)

Allen Marks: 203-255-9422 (phone), allenmarksrtm@gmail.com (email)

Thomas E. McCarthy: 203-259-4620 (phone), temccarth@yahoo.com (e-mail)

Jeffrey Stopa: 203-521-0825 (phone), jeffstopa2@gmail.com (e-mail)

District 9:

Bill Domeika: 203-650-0986 (phone), williamdomeika@gmail.com (e-mail)

Joseph L.A. Felner Jr.: 203-292-5533 (phone)

Ellen Jacob: 203-259-3747 (phone), dancingusa@optonline.net (e-mail)

Carol Pontrelli: 203-259-4761 (phone), carol.ponti@aol.com (e-mail)

Nicholas D. Mirabile: 203-256-0858 (phone), nickmirabile@yahoo.com (e-mail)

District 10:

Leigh Hannum: Leighhannum@yahoo.com (e-mail)

Kenneth R. Lee: 203-615-3898 (phone), kenlee4rtm@gmail.com (e-mail)

Bruce Ryan: 203-256-8336 (phone), bryan@sourcegrp.com (e-mail)

Carol J. Way: 203-256-8613 (phone), cjffld@gmail.com (e-mail)

Editorial–Is Fairfield Anti-Union?

tetreauEditorial–As Fairfield’s Random Act of Kindness program declared by First Selectman Tetreau winds down,  I hope our act of kindness is to give the Fairfield Police a half way decent contract.  The police in Fairfield have served in TWO hurricanes a  blizzard, and were one of the first on scene  in Newtown to give support without a contract.
I have to ask why is Fairfield anti union?  They strung the firefighters out on their contract for a long time, heck even the nurses union.  Fairfield has a proven track record of being anti-union, from the  First Selectman Tetreau to a lot of members on the RTM.  Forget a pay raise, did you know that the Fairfield Police haven’t had a cost of living increase since 2009?  Give them a half way decent health care plan, we count on their well being to protect us.  Contact First Selectman Tetreau at FirstSelectmanFFld@town.fairfield.ct.us or call him at 203-256-3030.  You can find your RTM members here

The press jumped all over  Republican Governor in Michigan for being anti-union.  Is this another media double standard because Fairfield is Democratic?

Fire At Congregation Beth El Fairfield

IMG_4521On February 14, 2013 at 1:48 PM the Fairfield Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a fire in a room at Congregation Beth El on Fairfield Woods Road. In addition to the initial 911 caller, a police officer on patrol in the area also reported seeing heavy smoke coming from the roof of the building. Initial arriving fire personnel found a natural gas fed HVAC unit on fire on the roof of the building which created a moderate smoke condition inside the building. All students were evacuated from the school and were kept in a safe location along with teachers in accordance with the schools emergency plan prior to the Fire Department’s arrival. Due to the time of day, students were dismissed directly to their parents care in front of the building without incident. Fire personnel shut off the gas to the building and controlled the fire which was contained to the roof top unit. Additional firefighters checked the inside of the building for fire extension and any possible victims remaining inside the building. Fire personnel also ensured that all religious artifacts and precious documents were protected during the fire.

Assistant Chief Scott Bisson stated, “The school did an excellent job in exercising their fire evacuation plan which allowed them to account for each child outside of the school and kept the kids safely away from the school so firefighters could do their work.”

The building was not significantly damage and was able to be occupied immediately after the fire.  The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Fairfield Fire Marshall’s office but appears to be accidental in nature related to weather conditions. The flames were coming from a broken gas pipe connected to the HVAC unit on the roof. Southern Connecticut Gas was called to the scene to assist with securing the equipment. Fairfield Woods Road was shut down for approx. 20 minutes during the fire although parents were allowed to the front of the building to pick up children from school staff. Twenty people were evacuated for approximately 1 hour and there were no reported injuries. Four engines, two ladders, the Shift Commander and Safety Officer responded to this incident. The last fire unit cleared the scene at 3:02 PM

Robber Wanted Captured After Pursuit

A man warming up his car in Bridgeport was in for a big surprise when a man jumped into the car, sped off towards Fairfield. The man who stole the car then went to Southport and robbed the Southport News at 3564 Post Road just after 1pm Tuesday. Police got a description from the shop owner and located the silver Buick and engaged it in pursuit. The chase ran through Fairfield and into Bridgeport where Bridgeport Police joined in the chase. The pursuit ended when the Buick almost crashed into the Maple Mart Grocery and Deli on Hancock Ave. A foot pursuit through the backyards before police caught up with him and brought him into custody. Sergeant Sue Lussier told us the suspect was wanted in connection in an attempted robbery at McDonald’s on Fairfield Avenue, Andros Diner on Villa Avenue and the Cumberland Farms at 975 Kings Highway. Police are still on the scene collecting evidence.