Home Robbery

Home invasion attempt

11:20pm--#Bridgeport CT--Police are investigating a home invasion at 86 Pequonnock Street. Police are looking for an Africian American male, gray hoodie and dark sneakers, with a gun....that narrows it down but I've heard police work with less and get an arrest. UPDATE--Two males, one Hispanic tried to force their way in but did not get in. A black handgun was displayed with a red laser. They took off after they could not get through the door!

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Home Robbery Nets $3,000+

1:32am--#Bridgeport CT--A home robbery just occurred in the West Avenue area.  I did not get an exact address but police said it was two black males, one in a black hoodie the other in a white hoodie and fled on West Avenue.  Both had guns.  Between three to four thousand dollars in cash plus jewelry was taken.

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