Month: November 2011

Happy Meal Ban: McDonald’s Outsmarts San Francisco

In order to include a toy with a meal, restaurants must now comply with city-generated nutritional standards. Those are standards that even the “healthier” Happy Meals McDonald’s introduced earlier this year don’t come close to meeting.  Yet it seems McDonald’s has turned lemons into lemonade — and is selling the sugary drink to San Francisco’s children. Local McDonald’s employees tell SF Weekly the company has devised a solution that appears to comply with San Francisco’s “Healthy Meal Incentive Ordinance” that could actually make the company more money — and necessitate toy-happy youngsters to buy more Happy Meals.  Read full story…..

Bethel, Redding Still Cleaning Up After Nor’Easter

I had a personal appointment in Brookfield today and my GPS took me there the way of Route 58 through Redding and Bethel.  Cleaning up the debris of fallen tree branches from the ice storm last month is still a reality for these towns.    On November 2nd Bridgeport sent mutual aid support to Bethel providing one payloader, two dump trucks, a 40-yard dumpster and a two-person chainsaw crew, for a total of six crew members who spent the week clearing roads.   “While the City of Bridgeport was spared the brunt of this weekend’s nor’easter, some of our neighboring towns, like Bethel, were not so fortunate. We’re happy to lend a hand and provide their town with resources to aid in their clean-up. In the days following the tornado last year, and more recently, after Hurricane Irene, our neighbors were kind enough to help us, so we’re happy to return the favor,” said Mayor Bill Finch.

What is a distant bad memory for many in our area is still very real for many in Bethel and Redding.  The roads are lined with these reminders of branches at the side of the road waiting to be collected.

I encountered one minor delay as road crews worked a portion of the road.  Although the power has been restored downed telephone lines were still seen, probably forgotten land lines no longer used.

Memorial Plaques Dedicated To Derby War Hero Stolen

A new low of lows.  The plaques — which were on a large memorial dedicated in Witek’s honor on May 29, 1999 — were apparently stolen sometime between late Monday and Tuesday morning.

Williamson, 75, put the value of the plaques in the neighborhood of $10,000. He assumed someone stole them with the intent of selling them for scrap metal. He hopes any scrap metal merchant will realize the items are stolen, given the inscription which details Witek’s extraordinary actions during World War II.

Read full story and see additional photos Valley Indy Sentinel

Hoyden Hill Lane Rollover Accident-Fairfield

A twenty year old driver and her 18 year old male passenger escaped injury during a rollover accident on Hoydens Hill Lane shortly after 8:15pm Monday night. In the video you can see the accident occurred just before the stop sign at Morehouse Highway. Details are sketchy at the time of this posting but it appears the 20 year old female driver was being questioned by police. Hoyden’s Hill and Hoyden’s Lane is a steep, sometimes winding road. Fairfield’s Planning Zoning Commission recently approved two ballparks to built in the area that will increase traffic on these roads.

Housatonic River Search For Boater

A scull is a very narrow boat, a life vest is not required to be worn.
An extensive search of the Housatonic River for a missing boater has been suspended for the night. Around 10:30 Monday morning a seventy five year old Woodbridge man who rented out a scull from the New Haven Rowing Club. The boat was found capsized and a search from began with mutual aid from many area towns after the boat was not returned after 2pm. His car remains parked at the rowing club parking lot. The search was suspended after 8:30pm and will resume on Tuesday.

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Housatonic Boater Update:  Authorities do no believe Richard Fiske, 75 of Woodbridge, who’s boat (scull) was found overturned survived the night and went from rescue to recovery efforts.   The search turned up nothing today and was suspended for the night.  Efforts will continue on Wednesday.

11:19am–#Bridgeport–Police and fire department on scene at Colorado Avenue investigating a death. If we get details on this of course I will post it.

10:50am–#Milford–Fire department on scene at 51 Davids Drive for a house fire. Bulk of the fire has been knocked down.

12:31am–#Bridgeport–Strange EMT calls tonight. They are on their way to Marina Village for a patient that had a IV line left in her arm during a hospital visit today and it needs to be removed due to bleeding….ya think?  You followed this as we reported it live!

11:49pm–#Bridgeport–If you cut your arm while slicing tomatoes do you: 1. Call 911 2. Apply pressure to the wound and wait for ambulance to arrive 3. Call 911 then walk to the hospital? Tonight’s answer is #3…..oh the challenges our EMTs have! They are still tying to locate him on his way to the hospital!  You followed this as we reported it live!

Stratford–Suspect wanted and tracked on Ferry Boulevard was wanted by CT State Police on motor vehicle charges. He went into the marsh after bailing out at the Sunoco gas station. He dropped a backpack with 2 bricks of cocaine near one of the docks. Special thanks to Jim McGuire for this info!  You followed this as we reported it live!

5:25pm–Housatonic Boater Seach Update: Fairfield’s helicopter has been assisting in the search, DEP reports search is still on. The boat was signed out at the New Haven Rowing Club earlier this morning.
2:47pm––UPDATE–#Stratford fire rescue boats called to #Shelton to aid in search of overturned boat just before the falls in Derby. This occurred around 10pm today, Shelton and Derby aiding in the search, and Sikorsky called in as well. They are not certain if anyone/thing went over the dam. Boat owner’s car was found in Oxford.
2:20pm–#Shelton–A capsized boat was found in the Housatonic River. Not sure if anyone was aboard an search is under way with help from surround towns.You followed this as we reported it live!

2am–#Trumbull–Oil Spill at 20 Hyde Terrace Santa Fuel made an earlier delivery and reported a four inch spill in the home. Home owner just arrived home.You followed this as we reported it live!