On Dec. 13, 2011, his mother’s 98th birthday, Peter Kantorowski had his mother served with eviction papers.  The eviction has not only caused friction between Mary and Peter, it has split the two brothers, with Jack Kantorowski siding with his mother.  Read Full story…..

By Stephen Krauchick

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2 thoughts on “Son wants to evict 98-year-old mom”
  1. February 19, 2012

    Re: Eviction of my 98 year old Grandmother….Mary Kantorowski

    To Whom it May Concern:

    My name is Kevin Kantorowski and I am writing you to clarify events that have occurred and have not been truthfully portrayed. I flew into Connecticut from Florida in August, due to my brother’s death. I stopped by to see my grandmother and was appalled to see her living conditions. There was no food in the refrigerator other than a can of soda with a straw in it and a loaf of bread, smoking in the house (when there is a sign that state no smoking …….oxygen in the house), and the TV. that was in her room was removed
    and subsequently put in Jack’s room (see attached pictures). Furthermore, there was no phone by her bed, incase of an emergency, and there were newspapers scattered all over her floor. When I asked by grandmother why she had newspapers all over the floor, she replied “ In case I don‘t make it to the bathroom“. I asked my grandma where Jack was and she stated at his girlfriends house/ shed.

    I returned to Connecticut during the holidays in November 2011. I stopped to visit my grandmother and upon arrival noticed a note on the door put by Jack stating “No one enter or you will be arrested“! I ripped the note off the door and knocked on the door repeatedly. My grandmother opened the door and let my father and I in. I looked around and noticed my grandmother was living in squalor (see attached pictures).
    I turned to my father, who was present with me at my grandmother’s house, and asked him “what was going on“? He stated Jack is suppose to be taking care of mom. He went on to state that Jack took the key and wouldn’t allow ANY family members in the house. I told my father I see why Jack doesn’t want any of us around……. The house is filthy and grandma isn’t being looked after properly! My father and I then decided to go through grandma’s bills and noticed the bills were getting paid .We also noticed several checks were written to liquor stores and gas for his girlfriend, Judy Byman’s, car. In addition, there were several credit cards taken out in my grandmother, Mary’s name, as well as in my Uncle Jack’s name with my grandmother co-signer. These credit cards have been racked up in the sum of over 60 thousand dollars. Due to this, there are several lawsuits against my 98 year old grandmother.
    My father took it upon himself to close out my grandmother’s checking account , open up a new one and not allow Jack access to it. This made Jack and his girlfriend Judy, who by the way has a criminal record for stealing, very angry. Judy called SSI and had my grandmother’s monies frozen. How she was able to do that is beyond me!!!! My father brought Jack to probate court where Judge Daniel Caruso went over the evidence and asked my 98 year old grandmother, “Hey Mary how do you like drinking that cheap booze”? Judge Caruso then asked Peter to take over his mothers bills and to be her conservator. Peter declined, due to not wanting to deal with Jack, who’s a drunk. Therefore, Judge Caruso appointed a conservator who’s an attorney named Richard Bortoloc to handle the case. In the mean time, Judge Caruso asked Peter to continue to pay Mary’s bills until Bortoloc can get this under control. He then went on to add that once the monies are turned over to Bortoloc, Peter would be reimbursed in full. My father paid all of my grandmother Mary’s bills up to 5 thousand dollars with no help from Jack, the drunk.
    The money eventually was released to Boroloc and my father never found out. My father took it upon himself to call SSI who acknowledged that the funds had been released to Mr. Bortoloc. After several calls to Mr. Bortoloc, he finally released the $1000 check to my father, Peter. However, Mr. Bortoloc still owes my father $4000 dollars for the reimbursement of bills my father had paid. Mr. Bortoloc was court ordered to repay the money and has not done so. Where is the money going? The issue is Bortoloc is filling his pockets. So to this day my father continues to currently receive my grandmother’s bills to his house address threatening shut off notices for water and electric.
    The issue is my father, Peter Kantorowski, tried to do what’s in the best interest for his mother who is also my grandmother. If the news wants an accurate portrayal of the situation then they need to show up at my grandmother Mary’s home unexpectedly. Bartoloc set up the news interview to help his case.
    My father wants a safe environment for his mother. She is 98 years old and alone in a house. We have asked Mr. Bartoloc to please get a life alert necklace for my grandmother, since he is in charge of ALL her needs. To this day he has yet to do so! This is a necessity for my grandmother so in the event of an emergency she can call for help. When Mr. Bartoloc found out I was in town, he asked me to schedule an appointment with him in order to see my grandmother. I was appalled! I am her grandson and NOT a total stranger! There is much more to tell and when I arrive in Connecticut I will inform the news and not that nasty news woman Annie Rouke that edited only what she wanted to hear. Instead of being in a neutral corner she opted to sensationalize the events to boost her ratings! She should be out of a job.

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