Editorial- The RTM will decide the Fairfield Police Department’s Police Contract on March 18th.  The police union has been operating without a contract for over two years.  That includes two hurricanes and one blizzard of service without complaint.  Two weeks ago 5 officers were sent into a wooded area where a man with a gun a during a standoff.  The officers did not hesitate to move in when ordered even after a shot already rang out.  Why is Fairfield making them wait for a decent contract?

Fairfield has a history of being anti-union, dragging on negotiations with the firefighters union and even the nurses union.

If you live in the town of Fairfield, please contact your RTM officials listed below and tell them you support a decent contract for the police.  Tell them you are tired of the town’s anti union position:

District 1:

David M. Becker: 203-424-0024 (phone), david@davidbecker.com (e-mail)

Michael Herley: 203-308-1409 (phone), michael.herley@gmail.com (email)

Carolyn Richmond: 203-259-4803 (phone), clrichmond@optimum.net (e-mail)

Gaylord Meyer: 203-930-2229 (phone), gaylordmeyer@gmail.com (e-mail)

Eric G. Sundman: 203-255-0101 (phone), ericsundman@optonline.net (e-mail)

District 2:

Peter Ambrose: 203-259-0009 (phone), Peterambrose@snet.net (e-mail)

Amy Jennings: 203-259-2335 (phone)

Jeffrey R. Steele: 203-292-3530 (phone), steelejb@optonline.net (e-mail)

John R. Mitola: 203-254-7288 (phone), jrmitola@aol.com (e-mail)

Keith Storm Varian: 203-292-6860 (phone), kvarian@murthalaw.com (e-mail)

District 3:

Edward J. Bateson III: 203-530-3915 (phone), bateson@optonline.net (e-mail)

Thomas P. Conley: 203-255-9659 (phone)

Francis “Hank” Ference: 203-259-6966 (phone), hank110@optonline.net (e-mail)

Mary I. McCullough: 203-255-0877 (phone), mccullough1450@gmail.com (e-mail)

G. David Mackenzie: 203-255-3348 (phone), gdavid_mackenzie@ml.com (e-mail)

District 4:

Joseph M. DeMartino: 203-256-0036 (phone), joseph.demartino@gmail.com (e-mail)

Arthur G. Hug: 203-372-3379 (phone)

Joseph J. Palmer: 203-254-2522 (phone), joe.palmer@mac.com (e-mail)

Heather Dean: 203-255-5238 (phone), heatherdean2012@gmail.com (e-mail)

Amy Mezoff: 203-522-4090 (phone), amezoffrtm@gmail.com (e-mail)

District 5:

Matthew Ambrose: 203-259-0009 (phone), ambrosem@raveis.com (e-mail)

Joshua Garskof: 203-520-5053 (phone), jgrtm5@gmail.com (e-mail)

Christopher M. McAleese: 203-368-2627 (phone), mcaleesechris@ymail.com (e-mail)

Ruth A. Smey: 203-336-3216 (phone), smey@sbcglobal.net (e-mail)

Ann Stamler: 203-767-3614 (phone), annstamler.dem@gmail.com

District 6:

Christopher J. Brogan: 203-615-1896 (phone), cbrogan5@optonline.net (e-mail)

Leonora P. Campbell: 203-335-2423 (phone), leonorartm6@gmail.com (e-mail)

Julie K. Gottlieb: 203-374-1884 (phone), juliertm6@gmail.com

Sheila H. Marmion: 203-373-1855 (phone), marmionsh@aol.com (e-mail)

Jay G. Wolk: 203-203-0591 (phone), jgwolkrtm6@gmail.com (e-mail)

District 7:

Jennifer Hochberg: 203-372-9838 (phone), jahochberg7@gmail.com (email)

Kevin L. Hoffkins: 203-371-5081 (phone), khoffkins@optonline.net (e-mail)

Eric S. Newman: 203-219-9877 (phone), ericnewmancpa@yahoo.com (e-mail)

Marc Patten: 203-820-4447 (phone), marcpatten@att.net (e-mail)

Harold G. Schwartz: 203-371-7217 (phone), hal7rtm@yahoo.com (e-mail)

District 8:

Kathryn L. Braun: 203-256-0334 (phone), kathrynbraund8@yahoo.com (email)

Dana Kery: 203-256-0762 (phone), danakery@gmail.com (email)

Allen Marks: 203-255-9422 (phone), allenmarksrtm@gmail.com (email)

Thomas E. McCarthy: 203-259-4620 (phone), temccarth@yahoo.com (e-mail)

Jeffrey Stopa: 203-521-0825 (phone), jeffstopa2@gmail.com (e-mail)

District 9:

Bill Domeika: 203-650-0986 (phone), williamdomeika@gmail.com (e-mail)

Joseph L.A. Felner Jr.: 203-292-5533 (phone)

Ellen Jacob: 203-259-3747 (phone), dancingusa@optonline.net (e-mail)

Carol Pontrelli: 203-259-4761 (phone), carol.ponti@aol.com (e-mail)

Nicholas D. Mirabile: 203-256-0858 (phone), nickmirabile@yahoo.com (e-mail)

District 10:

Leigh Hannum: Leighhannum@yahoo.com (e-mail)

Kenneth R. Lee: 203-615-3898 (phone), kenlee4rtm@gmail.com (e-mail)

Bruce Ryan: 203-256-8336 (phone), bryan@sourcegrp.com (e-mail)

Carol J. Way: 203-256-8613 (phone), cjffld@gmail.com (e-mail)

By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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