#MILFORD, CT – The Devon Rotary Club held its annual Scholarship Awards breakfast on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at The Bridge House Restaurant.  Fifteen (15) exceptional Milford students received the awards.


13 Scholarships are awarded by the Devon Rotary Trust Foundation each year totaling over $20,000.  They are given to students in recognition of academic interest and achievement, and also for their service to their school or the community at large.  The winners are selected by a committee of members from the Devon Rotary Foundation.


Mark McCormack and Mark Weston received the Excello Tools of the Trade Awards Scholarship. Jeremy Doucette and Aubrey Bepko received the William Duncan Devon Rotary Knights Scholarship. Haley Palmer received the Steven G Memorial Scholarship. Marissa Prizio received the Orange Ale House Duke Scholarship.  Sofya Calvin received the Bridge House Foundation Scholarship.  Shaina Arsenault received the Robert Boughton Memorial Scholarship.  Mariah Provenzo received the Emma McDonough Memorial Scholarship.  Erin Jackson received the Bridge House Dodie Ireland Memorial Scholarship.  Emily Fetter received the Stanford Family Scholarship.  Michaela Smith received the Barbara Burwell Gaynor Memorial Award Scholarship.  Kelsey Kopazna received the John D. Gaynor Memorial Scholarship. Raven Grant received the Joyce G Memorial Scholarship. And Melissa Hanania received the Paul Austin Scholarship.


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