Westport, CT – The First Selectwoman’s Office and the Police Department have announced that effective May 1, 2024, timed parking limits will be reinstated and enforced in Town parking lots and on Town roadways in Downtown Westport.

Timed parking limits in Town owned parking lots and roadways are now 3 hours, increased from the previously enforced 1 and 2-hour limits, as approved by the Board of Selectwomen. Posted limits will be enforced from 8 AM to 6 PM, 7 days a week. Parking on Post Road East will remain timed for 1 or 2 hours. New signage has been installed in all Town parking lots and roadways to reflect the updated time limits.

Residents, employees, business owners, and visitors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the timed parking regulations in each of the parking areas, and comply with the posted time limits to avoid penalties. They are also reminded that there are multiple all-day parking spaces located throughout the Downtown area. For more information about parking and a detailed map of the designated areas that includes space count and locations with timed and all day parking, please visit Parking — Discover Westport

Operations Director Tom Kiely said, “We understand the importance of convenient parking in Downtown Westport, and timed parking enforcement is a strategic way to ensure fair access to parking spaces for everyone. The goal is to establish a well-run system that increases parking availability, efficiency, and turnover, not to be punitive.”

He continued, “This enforcement aims to address the issue of limited parking availability in high-traffic, high volume areas, particularly during peak hours. Implementing timed parking enforcement along with continued access to all day parking allows for a balanced approach to parking availability.”

Enforcement will be managed by the Westport Police Department Parking Enforcement Unit.


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