Senator Murphy turns away reporter

Bridgeport News: Anti-Gun Rally Held In Secret

10:00am--#Bridgeport CT-- An anti-gun rally, protected by men with guns was held in secret behind closed doors today at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at 729 Union Avenue.  The "Gun Violence Meeting" hosted by U.S. Senator Murphy along with candidate for governor Ned Lamont, City Council members Ernie Newton, Eneida Martinez and State Representative Chris Rosario. Steve Krauchick of away turned away by U.S. Senator Murphy's press person.  Senator Murphy is running for re-election this November.  "His press people (Murphy's) have been restrictive and controlling with me in the past," said Krauchick.  "She told me I could report on their little march through the East End and ask questions afterward.  I'm not certain how I can ask questions about…

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