Month: June 2011

Alcohol Prices Go Up July 1st

Jason Hackney of Super Discount Wines and Spirits in Fairfield is busy with inventory for a new "floor tax" on existing inventory.

If you plan on having beer, wine, sangria or even the hard stuff for the Fourth of July Weekend expect to pay more. While most package store owners would be gearing up for the big holiday they now have to do a physical inventory and pay a “floor tax” on stock they already have purchased, calculate it into liters and pay an additional tax. Don’t press your package store owner for a percent increase because it varies on the product. Taxes on “sparkling wine will be more than regular wine” said Jason Hackeny, owner of Super Discount Wines and Spirits at 525 Tunxis Hill Cutoff in Fairfield. “Beer is measured in ounce so that will have a different tax. Department of Revenue Services spokesman Sarah Kaufman said “while tax rates will depend upon what kind of alcohol to which the tax is being applied, it amounts to a 20 percent increase in taxes on alcohol”.

City’s Take-Home Vehicle Fleet Reduced to 3

BRIDGEPORT, CT (June 30, 2011) – Mayor Bill Finch today announced that the City has reduced its take-home vehicle fleet to three cars – one each for the Mayor, Police Chief and Fire Chief.

“When I took office there were 82 take-home vehicles. I’m proud to say that today there are only three,” said Mayor Finch.  “Bringing greater efficiency and lower costs to City government has been one of the highest priorities for my administration.”

The city’s vehicle fleet encompasses nearly 400 cars, mostly in the police, fire and public works department. Take-home vehicles have been the subject of collective bargaining agreements over the years. Negotiations with the city’s police department, and other city unions, have led to the reduction of take-home cars.


As a part of a policy created by Mayor Finch in 2009, the City auctioned off surplus vehicles and stopped purchasing additional take-home vehicles.

Finch continued, “Cost-saving measures like the reduction of our take-home vehicle fleet have helped the City reduce spending three consecutive years.”

Mayor Finch along with Police Chief Joseph Gaudett and Fire Chief Brian Rooney have been assigned the only remaining take-home vehicles in the City’s fleet.

Is your shampoo making you fat?

“We all know that Americans — leading the way for the rest of the developed world — are getting fatter.” “Researchers began to recognize that obesity is much more complicated than calories in and out, and that a lot of other mechanisms involving the hormonal regulatory system are involved in our bodies’ delicate weight balance”. Read more…..