Month: March 2012

Pedestrian Struck, Seriously Injured In Fairfield

At about 7:50pm Friday night a pedestrian was struck while crossing Villa Avenue near the diner and the car wash.   Lieutenant James Perez told us that the victim was thrown about thirty feet .  He was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital with very serious injuries.   An accident recreation team was brought to the scene to investigate.  As of 12:35am there was no update on the victim’s condition.

Does Faifield Police Work On A Quota For Tickets?

State Representative Tony Hwang (R-134) hosted a Town Hall Meeting for Fairfield’s Stratfield Village area residents to discuss traffic and speeding concerns, crime awareness and prevention, elder care, planning and development, and other state legislative issues.  The Chief Of Police Gary MacNamara was asked whether or not the Fairfield Police Department had quotas for issuing tickets.  On Thursday it was revealed  the  State Police had an incentive program for tickets.

Man Shot In The Head On Iranistan Ave.-Bridgeport

Shortly after 10:30pm Thursday night police got a call to assist the medics in the backyard of a house on the 1200 block of Iranistan near Wood Avenue. They found the victim with a gunshot wound to the head. The police quickly scoured the area looking for guns shot casings and clues. It is very early in the investigation so details are not available. The 32 year old man died of his injuries, if we get any further details we will update them here.

Kossuth Street Homicide Bridgeport

Around noon Thursday shots rang out on Kossuth and Maple Street, one man is dead as a result. The man’s mother and girlfriend were in the corner store, the victim in his car when another car pulled up and began firing. It is very early in the investigation, police have not released any names but we are told his street name is “Rah-Rah” . Police are investigating.

Fairfield Skate Park To Close

“I said when we created this, we created a monster,” said Parks and Recreation Commissioner Robert Seirup…….

Police investigation continues

Vice-chairman Dante Gallucci said, “We had an opportunity to do something last year. It’s a complete embarassment—what’s going on.”……..
The commissioners voted to close the skatepark and to open it again when there was someone to monitor it. Read full story here……

Here is the video we posted earlier when teens and an off duty Trumbull Police Officer scuffled:

Motorcylist crashes into Bridgeport Police Car

About 12:30am Thursday morning a Bridgeport Police Officer on patrol radioed in that he was struck by a motorcycle while traveling on Stratford Avenue near Hollister Avenue.  A short time later he asked for back up and for them to step it up because the motorcyclist was being combative.  It is uncertain the direction the motorcycle was traveling but in the video you can see the mirror broken on the passenger side of the police car.  I’m told it was broken  when the cyclists head struck it.  He was transported to the hospital with a cut to his head.

Driver Runs Afoul on Duck Farm Rd. Fairfield

About 8:15pm a car traveling on Duck Farm Road lost control of his vehicle Wednesday night.   The car ran up on a lawn, hit a mailbox at 578 Duck Farm Road, re-entered the road, traveled past three more houses before crashing into a parked vehicle in the driveway at 618 Duck Farm Road.    Airbag was deployed but there were no injuries.  Police are investigating if the driver was distracted or if speed was a factor.

NYC Censors Halloween, Birthdays, Aliens and More on School Tests

Students in New York City’s public schools cramming for tests can delete words like birthdays, junk food, Halloween, dinosaur and even dancing from study lists. References to such words have been banned from city-issued tests in an edict issued by the city’s Department of Education for fear the words could “appear biased” or “evoke unpleasant emotions” in students. Read full story…….

Hoodie In Da House

Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill lost his right to speak and was removed after violating House rule 17 which prohibits the wearing of hats which prohibits the wearing of hats in the House floor. Speaker pro tempore Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Miss was visibly frustrated as Rep. Rush continued a flurry of quotes from the Bible in addition to comments regarding Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen shot last month. “Mr. Speaker. Just because someone wears a hoodie does not make them a hoodlum,” he said. Rep. Rush was pulled from the floor by the sergeant-at-arms.