Ah the Rib Eye!

There are restaurants known for their seafood and there are steakhouses.  It’s not often you find a place that exceeds at both.  When I first met Maureen the owner she bragged about the freshness of the food at Lil’ Moe’s.  This indeed has to be the case because when I reviewed the seafood two weeks ago I just could not believe how flavorful everything was.  You didn’t have to smother it with lemon or cocktail sauce.  Well we had to give the steaks a try!

I learned my previous lessons on how easy it is to overstuffed at Lil’ Moe’s.   The four of us shared one shrimp cocktail and a side of onion rings as appetizers.  I had to see how good the shrimp cocktail was and we weren’t  disappointed, the sauce was excellent and the shrimp super fresh.  The onion rings aren’t an appetizer but oh how good they are I had to order it!  All the dinners came with salad but skipped it because I didn’t want to over stuff myself.  I did sample a bite or two of my families salad because you can just smell the homemade dressing and not try it!

The steaks arrive and cooked the way we like it.  My son and I ordered the Rib Eye, my daughter the Petite Sirloin and my wife ordered the Flank Steak.  All the steaks were tender and juicy.  I normally reach for the salt shaker with steak but it wasn’t necessary with any of them.  Each had its own unique

The nicely marinated Flank Steak.  Note the kosher salt on the baked potato skin.
The nicely marinated Flank Steak. Note the kosher salt on the baked potato skin.

delicious flavor.  The Petite Sirloin had a nice buttery taste throughout.  The Rib Eye had a nice I want to say smoky flavor but it’s not like the smoky flavor of a barbeque.  It was more like from the grill, very tasty!  I’m not a big marinade fan and I don’t like it when my wife wants to do it at home so I knew she would go for that.  This is the way it should be done!  Being the purist I want the flavor of the meat, not masked.  This was really good, the marinade was a hint of flavor, yet the true flavor Angus comes through!

I was able to get Mushroom Risotto as my rice/potato side.   Everyone knew I had to take the photo of each meal and as

The buttery tasting Petite Sirloin with fries.
The buttery tasting Petite Sirloin with fries.

soon as I took mine everyone jumped in at the risotto.  It was like lions jumping on the prey!  If you have never had it like me two weeks ago you have to try it!   My wife had the baked potato and found the outside was textured in kosher salt and made for flavor in what could be an everyday baked potato.  My son had the mashed potato and like the creaminess to it.  The fries that came with my daughter’s petite was excellent.  The veggie sides were very fresh, a nice snap to the broccoli and carrots.  Again, afraid of over stuffing ourselves the four of us shared a double chocolate cake and a Tiramisu Layer Cake both highly recommended!

Freshness is the key.  Maureene said she gets her meats from a butcher in Stratford.  Tender and juicy are the best descriptions of the steaks!

You can easily drive right by Lil’ Moe’s at 2415 Main Street in Stratford  like I’ve done a dozen times.  Now its our favorite destination!  I steak my reputation on them!  (no typo pun intended).

Lil' Moe's is located at 2415 Main Street, Stratford.  Across from the old movie theater.
Lil’ Moe’s is located at 2415 Main Street, Stratford. Across from the old movie theater.


By Stephen Krauchick

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