Month: August 2015

Bridgeport News: Bar Fight Now Possible Homicide

UPDATE from the City of Bridgeport: Ø  The victims name is Wayne Bentley of West Haven, Conn. (DOB: 2/26/1973).    The incident remains an apparent drowning, but the cause of death hasn’t been definitively declared yet.   This remains an active investigation, and anyone with information should contact Detective Vincent Lariccia at (203) 581-5229. Just after 1:30 Saturday morning Bridgeport Police received a call that two males went to the back of Chubby's at 3488 Fairfeild Avenue to fight and only one came back. It was feared the other person was possibly in the water behind the bar in Ash Creek Both Fairfield and Bridgeport Firefighters as well as police responded to the scene as a full assignement. Both departments worked with small boats…

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Water Rescue At Chubby’s

1:34am--#Bridgeport CT--#Fairfield CT--#BlackRock--Both firefighters and police from both Fairfield and Bridgeport are searching for a person possibly in the water behind Chubby's at 3488 Fairfield Avenue on the Fairfield/Bridgeport line.  Witnesses said two men went to the back of the pub to fight and only one came out and they feared one of them fell back into Ash Creek.  Firefighters are using thermal cameras and are operating in a small boat but so far have found nothing.

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