On March 10, 2022, at approximately 1930 hours, members of the Bridgeport RegionalAuto Theft Violent Crime Task Force were operating in the East End of the City, when Lieutenant Amato and Officer Jansy Rodriguez observed a blue Buick Century travelling at a high rate of speed, through the intersection of Wilmont Avenue and Stratford Avenue.

Officers recognized this vehicle as being associated with Rafael REILLO, born 04/11/2000. He was previously observed by Task Force Officer(s) brandishing a firearm, while operating this vehicle. No enforcement action was taken at that time.

Instead, LT. Amato and I followed the vehicle at a distance while, apprised assisting units in the area with our direction of travel. The Buick Century, now observed to be bearing Connecticut registration AS-20746(MISUSE OF PLATES), proceeded south on Wilmont Avenue to Orange Street. The vehicle continued east on Seaview Avenue and embarked onto I-95 South. The Buick got off at exit 2 and stopped momentarily for the traffic control signal situated at the end of exit ramp and Lafayette Street. By that time, LT Amato and I, occupying an unmarked police vehicle equipped with emergency lights and siren, along with Officer CarlosVazquez and LT Andrews, occupying a non-descript vehicle, were stopped in traffic, behind the Buick. After the light turned green, the Buick proceeded north on Lafayette Street, and stopped for the traffic control signal, at its intersection with Washington Avenue. After the light turned green, the Buick turned left (west) on Washington Avenue and stopped for the traffic control signal at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Coleman Street.

Given the credible information secured by Task Force Officers relative to REILLO being possession of a firearm, coupled with the vehicle bearing a misuse of plates, we determined reasonable suspicion existed to conduct an investigative stop on the vehicle.

Task Force Officers utilizing marked and unmarked police vehicles converged on the subject vehicle, closing all gaps and opportunity for the subject to escape and engage police in a high- speed pursuit. Officer Vazquez and LT Andrews cut across the westbound lane of traffic and stopped directly in front of the Buick, while LT Amato and I stopped on the driver’s side of the Buick with our lights and siren activated. (note: thiswas to stop the operator from fleeing out of the driver’s side door)LT. Andrews, exited the passenger’s side of the non-descript vehicle with his badge displayed, drew his department issued firearm for Officer’s Safety, and ordered the driver out of the vehicle. LT Andrews reported the driver had raised his hands before he suddenly lowered them and accelerated forward almost pinching him between the Buickand a parked vehicle. The operator continued to accelerate forward crashing into the non-descript vehicle that was blocking his path of travel, and another vehicle parked alongside the road on Washington Avenue.

The Buick managed to escape and fled at a high rate of speed, toward Park Avenue. The Buick turned north on Park Avenue, then west on Wood Avenue, at which time the operator lost control of the vehicle causing collision with a white Toyota RAV 4 parked on the north side of the street, and a white Chevrolet Malibu that was unoccupied and parked on the south side of the street, directly in front of 15 Wood Avenue. Task ForceOfficer David Scinto, along with LT Amao and I, followed the Buick onto Wood Avenue, and saw then operator, later identified as Rafael REILLO bail from the passenger’s side door. The vehicle was rendered inoperable, the air bags were deployed, and the driver’sside door was wedged shut. REILLO ran between the two houses designated as 15 and 21 Wood Avenue. He continued running through the adjacent properties andscaling multiple fences. During his travels, he dropped a sum of money and ear pods that were later recovered from the rear yard of 1200 Iranistan Avenue. He eventually made it to 1186 Iranistan Avenue where he was found hiding underneath a black RAM pickup truck
.Task Force Officer Scinto, with assistance from BPD took REILLO into custody without incident. He was escorted out to Iranistan Avenue and secured in a patrol vehicle while waiting to be seen by the medics, for any injuries sustained from the car accident, and subsequent scrapes and minor abrasions sustained from scaling multiple fences and climbing underneath the RAM pick-up where he was apprehended.

A search/inventory of the vehicle by LT Andrews led to the recovery of a plastic sandwich bag containing (31) multicolored plastic vials containing a white rock like substance, weighing approximately 13 grams and (28) glassine bags labeled VIGILANTE 13 containing a white powdery substance, weighing approximately 7.9 grams. A small portion of the off-white rock like substance was tested, and I utilizing field test kit #122, yielding a positive reaction for the presence of cocaine. The samewas conducted with the white powdery substance using field test kit #3, yielding a positive reaction for the presumptive presence of heroin.I located a spent shell casing under the driver’s seat. The casing was seized as evidence, pending forensic examination and submission into (NIBIN).

The $67.00 that was recovered with REILLO’s Ear Pods from behind 1200 Iranistan Avenue, along with the $901.00 that was recovered from REILLO’s underwear by Officer Hoffman, was seized as evidence, pending asset & forfeiture proceedings.

The Buick Century (suspect vehicle) was towed for safekeeping by Mario’s Towing. REILLO was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital to be treated for a laceration on his hand. After he was discharged from the hospital, he was transported to Booking, where he was charged with the following charges:53a-167a: Interfering with an Officer53a-167c: Assault on an Officer14-222: Reckless Endangerment 1 st degree21a-277(a)(1): Possession of Narcotics WITS14-215: Illegal Operation while under Suspension14-223(a) Disobeying an Officer’s Signal53a-222 Violating Conditions of Release 1 st14-147(a) Misuse of Plates14-213(b) Illegal Operation of a Motor Vehicle without Minimum Insurance Rafael REILLO was held in lieu of $500,000 pending his arraignment in court (GA#2) on 03/11/2022.With respect to Violating his Conditions of Release, REILLO was previously released on $250,000 bond for charges he sustained on 12/20/2020, wherein he was charges with Possession of Narcotics WITS, Carrying a Pistol without a Permit and Violating a Protective Order.

Stephen Krauchick

By Stephen Krauchick

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