The White Hills Civic Club was chartered May 20, 1946 and a stated aim of the organization was to promote community welfare as fifty families lived in White Hills at that time. One of the first objectives was to form a volunteer fire company and purchase a fire truck. Within less than a year, the fire company was founded and the first fire truck was purchased in 1948 costing $7K. Members actually signed personal notes to assure payment of the new vehicle and they held a two-day country fair to help in the payment of the new fire truck. The Civic Club donated $1K toward the construction of a cinder block addition to their building to house the new fire truck. The truck was originally stored in a barn in White Hills in the summer and at the Monroe firehouse during the winter until the addition was completed. In 1951, the fire company fought its first major fire at Mr. Novotny’s barn a few years later.
Today, White Hills Company 5 is chartered to have up to 75 members, but currently have only 35 active members and are always looking for new recruits. The volunteers respond to approximately 500 calls each year, including structure fires, commercial fire alarms, brush fires, EMT assists, and motor vehicle accidents and extrications. In addition to providing city wide coverage all hours of the day, 365 days a year, Company 5 has responded to mutual aid calls in Monroe, Derby, Trumbull, Stratford and other towns as well. They are also part of the county wide Strike Force unit and most recently responded to help fight fires as far away as Brookfield and Bethel.
Throughout the years, Company 5 has held several fundraisers, which has helped them to purchase specialized vehicles and equipment, thermal imagers, extrication tools, CO and gas meters and many other necessary pieces of equipment and tools. This would not be made possible without the volunteers and the community of neighbors helping neighbors.

Some fun facts below, and I am more than happy to connect you with any of the men mentioned below or set up a tour (maybe even ride on a call). Look forward to hearing back. Thanks! Kellie Kerwin

  • Active member with 55 years of service: Bruce Kosowsky
  • Active member with 50 years of service: Francis Wheeler
  • Assistant Chief: Bob Finta
  • Captain: Dan Tatun
  • 75th Anniversary Chairman: Tim Manion
  • Annual events run by Company 5: Easter Flower Sale, Pancake Breakfast, Boot Drive, Tree Lighting, Santa on the Fire Truck, Fire Safety with ESS
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