#Bridgeport CT– Reverend D Stanley Lord, president of the Greater Bridgeport National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (GBNAACP), shared the following statement on the recent Finalist for Chief of Bridgeport Police Department. The City of Bridgeport recently conducted a nationwide search for a Police Chief, resulting in several candidates emerging from its internal ranks. The Greater Bridgeport NAACP (GBNAACP) insists on working closely with our partners in the city, including the Mayor, to ensure that our next police chief shares the primary goals for the protection of the civil rights of individuals, a balanced temperament, community-minded actions, and a commitment to delivering the vital safety services we need and deserve. It is mission critical that we put our lives and trust in a police chief that can successfully utilize all resources possible to provide all available resources and services needed by families, taxpayers, businesses, and visitors in their experiences here in Bridgeport.
Our diverse community has and will continue to provide valuable feedback during the process. Our next Chiefs must have managerial knowledge of the policies, procedures, programs, and operations. They should have a broad perspective of the Department to coordinate all operations to protect and serve the community and significantly contribute to formulating departmental mission, goals, objectives, and strategic plans. Chiefs must demonstrate advanced leadership qualities by creating an environment that promotes a growth mindset through innovation and critical thinking.
The GBNAACP is ready to be a part of a coordinated effort locally and with our county, emergency management officials, and others who stand prepared to assist in finding the right chief with the exemplary skills to keep our city strong, vibrant, and sustainable.

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