Milford News- Domestic Violence Assault

On July 11, 2023, officers responded to a domestic violence incident near Wheelers Farm Road. Upon arrival, an officer observed a vehicle flee at a high rate of speed. They spoke to the victim who was visibly shaken and upset, sitting in their vehicle. The victim had bruising to their face and an abrasion on their leg. The victim said

that Roswell Menefee from Taft Avenue in Bridgeport had dragged the victim out of the shower and began arguing with them. Menefee struck the victim in the face several times and dragged them by the hair across the floor. The victim was able to flee. An hour later, the victim attempted to leave the complex in their car. Menefee blocked the victim from exiting with his car, but the victim was able to leave the lot. Menefee followed and blocked the victim’s car again and exited the vehicle. Menefee approached the car and began throwing items at the car. Menefee also struck the car with a tire iron, and the victim was able to call the police. Police were able to locate Menefee at the Route 15 North rest stop and he was taken into custody and placed under arrest.

Stephen Krauchick

By Stephen Krauchick

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