MAY 13, 2024

The Trumbull Police Department is proud to announce the recent graduation of two (2) new officers that successfully completed the required training leading to their graduation from the Milford Police Academy. The ceremony for Officer Julian Arboleda and Officer Anthony Ormond, recruit class #31, took place on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, at the Thomas Parsons Government Center Veterans Memorial Auditorium, in Milford, Connecticut.

After successfully completing over six (6) months of training at the Milford Police Academy, Trumbull police recruits Arboleda and Ormond will continue their training in the Field Training phase, where they will ride with training officers who will instruct them on department policies, rules, and procedures, while exposing them to actual policing by responding to calls for service. They are required to complete a minimum of 400 hours of Field Training to complete their certifications before they can work on their own.

These two new recruits are joining a department that is continuously working to bring the agency up to full staffing levels. Trumbull is currently looking for additional qualified police officer applicants to fill several vacancies and bring the staff to its maximum level. The Town of Trumbull accepts applications for police officers at, and further information is also available on the Town’s website.

By Alex

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