Trumbull News: 3 Arrested For Stolen Car, Drugs and A Big Knife

#Trumbull CT-- On Saturday, April 29, 2023, Trumbull police arrested three (3) men as they exited the Trumbull Shopping Mall as they tried to elude officers nearby. The individuals walked away from a stolen vehicle and were also found to be in possession of drugs and a large knife. Keisean Chavis, age 21, of Chapel Street, Isaiah Johnson, age 20, of Howard Avenue, and Giovanni Abreu, age 19, of Kimberly Avenue, all residents of New Haven, were arrested for their involvement in this incident. Around 5:30 PM, officers observed the three (3) men walking towards a stolen vehicle, but when the men observed the police they immediately turned away from the stolen vehicle and began walking back towards the mall.…

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Trumbull CT-- On Friday, April 14, 2023, Trumbull police were notified of a fight at the Hillcrest Middle School carnival where one (1) teen pulled out a knife on another teen before leaving the area. The thirteen (13) year old male resident of Grasmere Avenue in Fairfield, was eventually located by police and arrested for his involvement in this altercation. Around 8:30 PM, Trumbull police were notified of a fight that occurred at the carnival, and officers were given a description of the youth who displayed a knife. A witness told officers that they observed two (2) individuals fighting when one (1) teen pulled out a knife on the other teen. The second teen backed off, and then both left…

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Trumbull Police arrested a local man after he was shoplifting at the Trumbull mall and brandished a knife to aid his escape on Thursday, March 16. Jonathan Sierra, age 41, of Benham Avenue, Bridgeport was apprehended by police and charged for his actions regarding this incident. At about 4:00 P.M., the Trumbull police were notified of a robbery involving a male who pulled a knife on JC Penney loss prevention officers while they were attempting to detain him for shoplifting from the store. JC Penney loss prevention officers observed Sierra inside of the store with an open empty bag and observe him conceal multiple pairs of jeans and a watch inside of the bag. Sierra eventually left JC Penney's where…

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#Trumbull Police arrested a man, that had two (2) outstanding arrest warrants, after he was caught entering a stolen car at the Trumbull Mall Thursday morning, March 9th. Police located the stolen vehicle in the mall parking lot, where Hiram Manuel Medero, age 28, of New Haven, was arrested and charged accordingly. At approximately 9:30 AM, an officer located the stolen 2019 Chevrolet TRX occupied by a female passenger, with the engine running, as it was parked near the food court at the mall. Officers confirmed that the vehicle had been reported stolen to the Bridgeport Police Department on March 6. Observant officers worked together by converging in the area when Medero was seen walking towards the stolen vehicle with…

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Trumbull News: Road Rage Arrest

#Trumbull CT--A man from Trumbull Avenue, Bridgeport, named Robert Butler, aged 27, was arrested by Trumbull Police on Saturday, March 4, 2023. The police arrested him for pointing a loaded handgun at another driver in the parking lot of Target on Hawley Lane. The incident took place around 3:00 PM and was related to road rage involving a firearm. When the police arrived at 120 Hawley Lane, they met with the complainant who reported that Butler, while driving his vehicle, tried to cut them off in the Target parking lot. Butler stopped his car next to the complainant’s vehicle, and both exchanged some words. Butler then pointed the barrel of his firearm at the other motorist and left the area.…

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