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House Fire On Queen Street Bridgeport

Bridgeport News: House Fire

9:04pm–#Bridgeport CT– Just as I was leaving the brush fire on Valley Road in Fairfield a call for a house fire on Queen Street a half a mile a way came in.  I know the firefighters are quick but I couldn’t believe how quickly they had the bulk of this fire knocked down.  Multiple calls said there was flames shooting out of the chimney.  When I arrived the fire had already spread to the roof and the side of the house.  Everyone made it out safely and a police sergeant was consoling them.  Within minutes of the first fire truck the bulk of the fire was out and the began the important work of checking for extensions and making sure all the embers of anything burned were completely  extinguished.

Bridgeport News: Armed Robbery at University of Bridgeport

2:44pm–#Bridgeport Connecticut– Police are investigating an armed robbery in the University of Bridgeport campus according to police radio reports at Atlantic and Myrtle Street.  Police are looking for a 6’3″ 220 pound black male wearing a blue work hoodie and black pants.  The victim was pistol whipped and robbed of $850 in cash.


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Bullet hits house

12:03am–#Bridgeport CT– #Stratford CT–A caller near the McDonald’s on Barnum Avenue in Stratford called police for shots fired and police found nothing.  About 30 minutes later a man in the 100 block of Sage Avenue in Bridgeport, not far from Barnum Avenue called police that he heard shots fired and found a bullet hole in in house.  Police are investigating.