Looking for escape from the third floor
Roberts Street Rescue
Firefighters do not hesitate to rescue despite a possibility of shots fired

Police were called to 158 Roberts Street around 9:30am Wednesday morning for a report of shots fired.  A fire also broke out at the as well and first responders tried to sort out what was taking place.  Our residential corespondent  Miguel Masso was just trying to get to work for the first time since the blizzard hit.  The day before he and neighbors dug out Roberts Street by hand.  Fortunately a firefighter was also involved with the dig out and instructed everyone to clear the hydrant that was used to put out this fire.  Police had to handle the scene as an active shooter on scene as you can see in the video.  Firefighters arrived and rescued a woman from the third floor as flames could be seen on the second floor as captured by resident correspondent photographer Deborah Lee Miller Riley.   Police and firefighters also rescued two dogs.  Witnesses said a man with emotional problems may have  been yelling and screaming in the house to make people think there was a shooting.   Police and SWAT team personnel did find a ma on the second floor with burns laying on the floor.   No guns were found inside the building.   As you can expect police an fire departments are investigating.

By Stephen Krauchick

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  1. Thank you fire fighters and police officers! We appreciate your bravery and dedication. You make the city a safer, better place for us all. We are proud of you!

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