Month: September 2019

Bridgeport News: Body Washes Ashore Identified

POLICE UPDATE: The male body recovered from Bridgeport Harbor yesterday has been positively identified as Universal Yancey. Yancey had an outstanding warrant for attempted murder stemming from the stabbing assault of his girlfriend last week in Bridgeport. Detectives are still investigating the manner and cause of Yancey’s death.
Bridgeport Police UPDATE: The fire department assisted with the recovery from the water and turned the body over to the state’s medical examiner.   There were no visible signs of death on the body, the ME will conduct a full autopsy and investigation to determine cause of death.  There is not a confirmed identification of this person, only what has been described from appearance, which is a male victim seemingly in his 30-40’s and African American.  The Bridgeport Police Detective Bureau are still on scene, as this is an active investigation.
#Bridgeport CT– A body washed up ashore near the light house near the new power plant at 1 Atlantic Street. The body was discovered in about 2 feet of water and firefighter’s rescue boat was called to help recover the body.
Bridgeport Police Statement: At 11:47am Bridgeport dispatch received a call reporting a body in the water in the area of 1 Atlantic Street near the Bridgeport Harbor Power Plant. At this time all public safety and emergency departments are at the scene to recover the body. At this time, there isn’t any type of identification. Any updates will be forwarded upon receipt as this investigation will ensue.

Stratford News: House Fire UPDATE

Fire Department UPDATE: Shortly after midnight on Monday September 30 th , a fire was reported by the homeowner of 44 Clifflawn Road stating that there was a fire in the attic of the house. Firefighters arrived to find smoke coming from the roof and an active fire in the attic space. The fire was extinguished within a few minutes and contained to the mid section of the attic, in the vicinity of the homes attic exhaust fan. A total of 23 Firefighters under the command of Assistant Chief Camperlengo were able to control the fire and limit the damage to the attic space. No injuries had been reported and the family will be relocated until repairs can be made to the damaged area. During the time of incident Bridgeport and Milford Fire Department assisted with station coverage. The Stratford Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.


2019-09-30@12:50am–#Stratford CT–Firefighters are on scene of a house fire at Clifflawn Road.  The fire was confined to the second floor and attic area.  Only one hose was need to battle the fire.  Everyone made it out safely and there were no reported injuries.


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LOUD Music

#Bridgeport CT–#Black Rock CT–#Fairfield CT– Police in Fairfield and Bridgeport trying to locate the loud music in the Black Rock area without any luck.  We have also received complaints from viewers.  I live in Fairfield and hear the loud base over the TV!  Anyone know where it’s coming from?


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Fairfield News: Woman Rescued From Pool

2019-09-29@8:44pm–#Fairfield CT– First responders were dispatched to the Trademark Fairfield located at 665 Commerce Drive for a possible drowning victim in the swimming pool.  The woman was pulled from the pool and a nurse that happened to be on scene began CPR.  They reported that they did get a pulse but that she was not responsive.  A short time later Assistant Fire Chief George Gomola reported on the radio that the woman was breathing and conscious and in the care of EMS.