Month: February 2020

Fairfield News: Bicyclist Hit

Police UPDATE: On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the Fairfield Police Emergency Communications Center received several 911 calls reporting a bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle on Grasmere Ave near the Home Depot Exit.


First responding officers located a victim, later identified as Brooks Adams (50) of Bridgeport, lying on the ground next to a vehicle with severe injuries to his head, face, abdomen, and extremities. A bicycle was found under a vehicle that appeared to have been run over.  Preliminary investigation revealed that the vehicle, driven by Michel Carrie (60) of Westport, was exiting the parking lot of Home Depot (541 Kings Hwy Cutoff) on the Grasmere Ave side when it collided with a bicyclist traveling north on Grasmere Ave operated by Adams. Adams was taken to Bridgeport Hospital by AMR Ambulance and is currently listed in SERIOUS but STABLE condition. The collision is under investigation by the Fairfield Police Crash Reconstruction Unit.

Anyone who may have witnessed the collision is asked to contact Sgt. Michael Paris at 203-254-4862 or


2020-02-29@2:36pm–#Fairfield CT– A bicyclist was hit on Grasmere Avenue at the driveway between CVS-Home Depot. 

Shelton Police Warning Regarding Phone Scam

The Shelton Police Department has received approximately a dozen reports from people stating they received a call from Detective Richard Bango of the Shelton Police Department. The caller ID has the legitimate police department number of 203-924-1544. The caller states either there is a warrant for the person’s arrest or that they need to talk to them about an urgent matter. The caller will then demand gift cards be sent to an address. The address is a legitimate address, but the caller will then ask for the gift card number and pin over the phone.

Any legitimate law enforcement officer will not demand cash or gift cards from a member of the public. Scammers are now going online and getting actual officer’s names to make the scam look legitimate. Scammers can rig a caller ID to look like they’re calling from the police department. This is called spoofing. Scammers can easily spoof a caller ID to try to gain your trust.

If you receive a phone call from someone stating they are a Shelton Police Officer and are unsure if it is legitimate, regardless of the caller ID, tell them you will call them right back on the routine line to ensure they are the right person. And again Shelton Police Officers will not demand cash or gift cards from a member of the public. The routine line of the Shelton Police Department is (203) 924-1544.


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Bridgeport News: Person Shot

2020-02-29@4:30AM–#Bridgeport CT– This morning police had a shot spotter activation in 400 block of Bishop Avenue.  A short time later a person arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg.  Police are asking for your help by calling 203-576-TIPS (8477).


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It Must Be Crash Hour

2020-02-28@9:38pm–#cttraffic–#Milford CT–#Fairfield CT– #Bridgeport CT– Three accidents in three different towns:


#Fairfield CT– A crash on I-95 southbound with injuries near exit 24.


#Milford CT– A rollover accident at North and Walnut Street.  At least 4 people extricated by firefighters, all injured.


#Bridgeport CT– A crash with injuries at Howard and North Avenue really tied up traffic (photo)


Westport News: Street Sweeping

Westport, CT –  Public Works Director Peter Ratkiewich announced that the spring Street Sweeping Program will commence on Monday, March 2, weather permitting.

There will be up to three crews sweeping 123 miles of town roadways. Work should be completed on all public roads by mid-July.

Some of the work is done early in the morning in order to avoid interference with vehicles in parking lots and school buses.  The public is asked for their cooperation and patience during the operation.

Questions regarding the project may be directed to the Public Works Office at 203 341 1120.


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Governor Says Program A Success

HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont visited the campus of UConn Hartford, where he highlighted the recent success of a program the state operates that prepares youth in foster care to attend college, ensuring that they have access to the skills needed to prepare them for success throughout their careers.


Administered by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, the UConn Rising Scholars Program is a collaboration between the state agency and the University of Connecticut’s Center for Academic Programs. It features an intensive four-week summer immersion experience at the UConn Storrs campus. The students – all of whom are in high school and demonstrate the capacity to attend college – live on campus, attend classes, and have access to the same facilities as any other UConn student.


Academic courses in English, math, social studies, and science are taught by certified teachers and UConn graduate students. Other courses are devoted to learning about important aspects of life in college, including financial aid, college admissions, study, and other practical skills. In addition, before and after students come to Storrs in July, monthly “Academic Day” meetings are held on campus that offers support year-round.


“If we can introduce youths in foster care to a college experience while they are still in high school, we can show them that they have the capacity to succeed,” Governor Lamont said. “Being a child in foster care may feel difficult for some, and programs like this are designed to provide greater opportunities.”


DCF Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes said Rising Scholars is an important partnership between two state agencies that benefit youth in foster care in many ways.


“The summer immersion program and the monthly meetings serve to enlighten youth to the opportunities, build their skills, and provide the first-hand experience of college life,” Commissioner Dorantes said. “Bringing them to a college campus helps them to see themselves as college students and gives them the confidence and encouragement they need to stay on track academically.”


Children in foster care nationally have poorer educational outcomes due to the trauma they experience and the transitory life of too many children in foster care. Nationally, it is estimated that only 30 percent of children who grow up in foster care graduate from high school. Only about 7 to 13 percent of children in foster care enroll in higher education. While 24 percent of adults nationally get a bachelor’s or an advanced degree, only about two percent of youth in foster care do.


The lack of access to higher education is something Connecticut seeks to address by offering youth in foster care financial support to attend a two or four-year college, a training program to gain entry to trade, or other post-high schools educational program leading to a good career and independent, successful adulthood. More than 500 youth have participated annually over the past four years. Youth can participate until they reach 23 years old, and financial support is capped at the cost of attending one of the Connecticut state university system schools.


“As proud as we can be of supporting the education of deserving youth this way, youth in foster care need both the opportunity and the encouragement to take advantage of the opportunity,” Commissioner Dorantes said. “The Rising Scholars not only experience success themselves through the program, but they also receive actual college credits, and research shows that students who attain college credits in high school are more likely to attend college.”


Since the program started in 2013, 158 youth in foster care coming from 103 high schools across Connecticut have participated in Rising Scholars. This year, 35 students from 27 high schools are in the program.


Of those who completed the program:


·         99 percent graduated high school;

·         95 percent were accepted to a college; and

·         93 percent enrolled in college.


In addition to UConn and all four universities in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, Rising Scholars students have enrolled at Norwich University, Roger Williams University, Sacred Heart University, Bennett College, Mitchell College, Bentley University, Oakwood University, Delaware State University, Mercy College, University of Bridgeport, Mount Ida College, Fisher College, the Culinary Institute of America, and several Connecticut community colleges.


Rising Scholars is recruiting high school students to attend the summer session this July and then continue with the monthly meetings.


Governor Lamont said the program is just one of a number of examples that show the positive results that flow from providing sufficient support to DCF.


“Given the right level of resources, we see DCF is able to ensure that social workers have the time to do quality work, make good decisions, and connect children and families to services in a timely manner,” Governor Lamont said, adding that for the first time in 30 years of federal court oversight the department has adequate staffing to meet caseload standards. “The Rising Scholars Program is another example of the success we can attain when we give DCF the resources it needs to help our young people grow into successful and contributing adults.”


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Bridgeport News: Burglary Arrests

2020-02-27@11:28am–#Bridgeport CT–  The Bridgeport Police were  dispatched to a preliminary report of possibly two people trying to break into a home in the 500th block of Ezra Street. Responding units detained a female party and canvassed the area for the male suspect.  State police K9 was called in to attempt a track from items located in front of the house believed to belong to the suspects.  BPD Units also responded to the 100th block of Harlem Ave, based on a description of the vehicle utilized by the parties. Officers were also able to obtain a photo of the suspect from the front door surveillance camera and disseminate it. Officers detained a person fitting the description of the suspect attempting to enter a residence in the 100th block of Harlem Ave. The suspect matched the items worn described by witnesses. The suspect was transported back to the location and positively identified.  The female detainee was also determined to be an accomplice.  Both parties were placed under arrest and transported to booking for processing. They have been identified as Billy Joe Santos and Maria Demelo both of Bridgeport.