Aquarion Warns Of Frozen PipesWith winter’s severe weather and cold temperatures blanketing the region, Aquarion Water Company is encouraging customers to take steps to avoid the damage, cost, and inconvenience that comes with a burst water pipe or a damaged water meter.

Property owners are responsible for protecting their water pipes and water meter, whether interior or exterior, from cold temperatures. Aquarion suggests customers follow a few simple tips to keep the water safely flowing all winter long:

Check water pipes near uninsulated or drafty walls, doors, floors and windows, including in your basement, garage or attic. Add insulation wherever you can.
Keep all doors and windows tightly closed.
Fill cracks in walls and openings around doors and windows. Insulating or wrapping pipes can also help.
Locate the main water shut-off valve to your home and show all household members how to turn it off in the event of a burst pipe.
Open cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around pipes along outside walls.
In extreme cold, let faucets drip.
If your water meter is in an outdoor pit, check to see that the pit cover fits properly and has no cracks through which cold air can flow.
Never use a torch or open flame to thaw a pipe.
Customers who see or suspect damage to water pipes should call a licensed plumber for assistance. In the event of a frozen or damaged water meter customers should call Aquarion’s Customer Care Center at (800) 732-9678. For additional information, customers can visit

“A burst pipe or damaged water meter can be a costly inconvenience,” said John Walsh, Aquarion’s Vice President of Operations & Utility Innovation. “We encourage customers to avoid the clean-up and repairs that come with a burst water pipe by taking steps before the problem occurs.”

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