Madison, CT- Bob Stefanowski, candidate for Governor of Connecticut, renews calls for immediate investigation into allegations of discrimination in the Lamont Administration:

“A week ago, Governor Lamont said OPM Secretary Melissa McCaw is a ‘valued member of his team’ and that he would ‘work through’ her comments about being a Black woman in his Administration,” said Stefanowski. “What has he done?”

“Governor Lamont should immediately initiate an independent investigation into the multiple allegations of racial and gender discrimination and bias coming from the very top of his Administration, and to fully disclose those findings to the public within sixty days,” said Stefanowski.

“So far the Governor has done nothing to give the employees in his Administration and the residents of Connecticut any confidence that he is doing something about these egregious allegations,” said Stefanowski. “Leadership is a verb – it requires action, this Governor has done nothing to get to the bottom of these allegations or how those responsible will be held accountable.”

“Governor Lamont was elected to work for the people of Connecticut. He needs to answer to them about what’s happening in his Administration, not look the other way when serious allegations are made about people who report directly to him,” said Stefanowski.
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Stephen Krauchick

By Stephen Krauchick

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