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AGI Buildings Coming Down

2:47pm--#Bridgeport CT-- The bank clock in the background timestamps the beginning of demolition of the former AGI Rubber Company located at 141 Stratford Avenue.  Yesterday there was another spectacular fire that has plagued the buildings over the years.    The city submitted an emergency demolition order today and Stamford Wrecking will be doing the demolition.  Workers said they are aware of PCBs on the site and will be shipping the debris to a "hot location" for dumping.  The materials will be treated later.  The workers were unaware of any work previously.  The city in May 2015 received a $200,000 grant from the EPA for PCB and building removal.  City spokesperson Rowena White says she is unaware of any work on the site regarding…

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House Fire On Queen Street Bridgeport

Bridgeport News: House Fire

9:04pm--#Bridgeport CT-- Just as I was leaving the brush fire on Valley Road in Fairfield a call for a house fire on Queen Street a half a mile a way came in.  I know the firefighters are quick but I couldn't believe how quickly they had the bulk of this fire knocked down.  Multiple calls said there was flames shooting out of the chimney.  When I arrived the fire had already spread to the roof and the side of the house.  Everyone made it out safely and a police sergeant was consoling them.  Within minutes of the first fire truck the bulk of the fire was out and the began the important work of checking for extensions and making sure…

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Bridgeport News: AMR Involved In Serious Crash–Police Catch The Driver That Fled The Scene

2:25am--#Bridgeport CT-- Witnesses said a car ran the red light at North and Wood Avenue forcing an AMR ambulance off the road.  The ambulance hit a parked car and then a tree head on.  An AMR medical student was pinned in the passenger seat and it took firefighters over a half hour to free her.  After sorting through all the debris police located the front bumper of the responsible vehicle with its license plate still attached.  Police told me the went to the address the car was registered to.  They found two men in the backyard on Everett Street in Bridgeport.  They admitted to being in the accident.  The driver told police he was afraid because he did not have…

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Bridgeport News: Motorcyclist Struck

UPDATE: From the Fairfield Police: This was a one vehicle (motorcycle) type collision that occurred on Brooklawn Ave., just north of its intersection with Algonquin Rd. The collision investigation revealed that Vehicle #1 was traveling southbound on Brooklawn Ave., when he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed in the roadway. Operator #1 originally left the scene of accident.   Upon further investigation, we learned that he was currently at St. Vincent's Hospital. Op #1 explained while traveling southbound on Brooklawn Ave., he lost control of the bike and was unable to stop appropriately so he "dumped" the bike. Operator #1 was driven to St. Vincent's Hospital by his girlfriend, Vanessa Hinojosa after he sustained injuries. he was issued a…

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