#Westport, CT– This afternoon, multiple black bear sightings were reported in the northern section of town. One bear cub and one large young male bear were observed. The bears were not acting in an aggressive manner and were observed to be acting normally. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Wildlife Division (DEEP) was notified.


Black bears are becoming increasingly common in Connecticut. In order to safely co-exist, residents are reminded to take precautions to prevent negative encounters with bears and nuisance behavior. Bears have an incredible sense of smell. To prevent luring them towards your property, secure your garbage in sturdy covered containers in a garage or outbuilding. Residents that compost are asked to do so responsibly. Do not throw meat scraps or greasy, oily or sweet materials in your compost pile. These kinds of food will attract bears and other animals. Clean greasy barbecues and grills after each use, refrain from leaving pet food outdoors and remove bird feeders from your property for the summer. Please keep your eye on pets and small children playing outside.


If sighted, use caution and do not approach the bear. The mere presence of a bear does not necessitate its removal. According to DEEP, if left alone and given an avenue for escape, the bear will usually wander back into more secluded areas. DEEP does not take routine reports of bear sightings over the phone. Sightings can be reported to Westport Animal Control at (203) 341-5076 or reported to DEEP via this link: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/187a8a495d4e4ca497261d163d6fffc9 For more information on bears, please visit the DEEP’s website; https://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2723&q=325930&deepNav_GID=1655


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