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House Fire On Queen Street Bridgeport

Bridgeport News: House Fire

9:04pm–#Bridgeport CT– Just as I was leaving the brush fire on Valley Road in Fairfield a call for a house fire on Queen Street a half a mile a way came in.  I know the firefighters are quick but I couldn’t believe how quickly they had the bulk of this fire knocked down.  Multiple calls said there was flames shooting out of the chimney.  When I arrived the fire had already spread to the roof and the side of the house.  Everyone made it out safely and a police sergeant was consoling them.  Within minutes of the first fire truck the bulk of the fire was out and the began the important work of checking for extensions and making sure all the embers of anything burned were completely  extinguished.

Bridgeport News: Woman Stabbed At PT Barnum Housing

3:11pm–#Bridgeport CT– A woman was stabbed in her apartment at PT Barnum Housing in building 21 on the second floor. The woman who assaulted her jumped from the 2nd story balcony and may have broken her leg. She may have been transported to the hospital in a private vehicle. The victim was talking with first responders and her injuries are not thought to be life threatening.


Bridgeport News: Police Involved Shooting

On March 29, 2017 at 1910 hours, an officer involved shooting occurred in the area of 436 Woodmont Avenue, Bridgeport. This is located in the north end of the city. Bridgeport police officers were conducting an operation in this area in response to recent incidents of street robberies. During this operation, two male perpetrators were encountered by officers. Both male perpetrators were armed, and one Bridgeport police officer discharged his service weapon in response to the actions of one of the armed males. This male sustained a single gunshot wound to the face and was transported by medics to St. Vincent’s Medical Center for treatment. This male was later transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital to receive advanced care. This male is expected to survive. A second juvenile male was taken into custody and will be turned over to juvenile detention in Bridgeport. Both males are charged with Criminal Attempt at Robbery 1st Degree and weapons offenses. At this time we are working to establish positive identification on the male who was shot. The officer who discharged his weapons is a five year veteran of the Bridgeport Police Department.
7:11pm–#Bridgeport CT–Police on patrol come across two armed masked men at Woodmont and Peet Street. He told them to drop the weapon. One complied and the other raised his gun. The officer shot him in the arm and the suspect was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital. The other suspect was taken in to custody. There was a reported shooting the area two nights ago.

Wesport News: Man Faces Assault and Drug Charges

#Westport CT–On 03/19/17 at approximately 4:30am, Westport Officers responded to 1510 Post Road East, the Exxon Gas Station, on a report of a 911 hang up call.  Westport Officer David Perez located a Allens Vardier in the store and immediately took him into custody.  Officers learned that Vardier came into the store demanding to buy a single cigarette.  When the clerk advised Vardier that they do not sell single cigarettes, Vardier went behind the counter and began assaulting the clerk.  Vardier then assaulted an elderly male in the store who was attempting to call 911.  Vardier appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance.  A brown leafy substance was located on Vardier which tested positive for PCP.  Based on this, Vardier was taken to Norwalk Hospital for evaluation.  On 03/20/17 at approximately 11:30am, Vardier was released from the hospital and transported to Westport Police Headquarters where he was processed for the above listed charges.