Month: July 2020

Bridgeport News: Shooting Of The Day

Police UPDATE: A street fight occurred in the area of Maple St and Park St where a party with a pistol permit pulled out a weapon and preliminary reports indicate shots were fired in the area of Kossuth and Maple St, however; no victim has been identified at this time. Police took the person responsible for the discharge of the firearm into custody. This is an active investigation at this time.


2020-07-31@5:03pm– #Bridgeport CT– Police are investigating a shooting at Park Street and Maple Street.  It is not known if anyone was hit. I have not heard back from police.


3:00AMish– Police invested a shooting that took place on East Main Street near Steuben Street.  A  person was shot in the back but suffered non-life-threatening injuries.



Seymour News: Car Into The River

4:38pm–UPDATE: I’m sad to report a juvenile has passed away

4:33pm–UPDATE: Firefighters have one out of the water and one left.  Unknown their condition.

4:26pm–UPDATE: Firefighters have lines on it and have begun to winch it in.

2020-07-31@4:04pm–#Seymour CT– Report of a car into the Housatonic River near Riverview Waterfront.  The car is out of reach of the firefighter boats and is floating down with the current. The water is reported to be up to the roof.  No word if anyone is inside the car.


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House Passes Bills to Stabilize, Improve Childcare

#Washington, DC –  The House of Representatives passed the Childcare is Essential Act and the Childcare for Economic Recovery Act. These bills are essential to providing immediate relief for suffering childcare centers and providing long-term stability to the industry.

While many childcare centers have remained open during the pandemic, new regulations requiring increased safety procedures and limiting the number of children cared for have increased cost while decreasing revenue. One estimate by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve reports that most childcare centers are currently operating at a loss.  Only 6% of childcare centers were able to secure a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, and more than 240,000 childcare workers have lost their jobs or been furloughed.

“Childcare centers across the country, including here in Connecticut, are in immediate danger of closing their doors for good,” said Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04).  “This would have devastating consequences as countless jobs would be lost and the essential workers and medical professionals who rely on childcare could be left with no options and forced to abandon their jobs to care for their children.”

“Currently only about half of CT’s childcare centers are open,” said Merrill Gay, Executive Director of the CT Early Childhood Alliance.  “Those that are open are at reduced capacity and losing money every day.  Without assistance many will close their doors forever.”

The Child Care Is Essential Act, led by Congresswoman Rosa Delauro, creates a $50 billion stabilization fund so child care providers can remain open during a period of increased costs and low enrollment over the next five to six months while the Child Care for Economic Recovery Act includes policy fixes to ensure the longer-term survival of childcare providers.

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HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced the launch of  – an online, one-stop-shop where entrepreneurs can easily find information and quickly create a checklist with everything required to start up or manage their business in Connecticut. The online service will make it easier to do business in the state, support small business owners as a partner in their success, and improve citizens’ interactions with state government.


The governor explained that the portal aims to prevent businesses from needing to navigate the sometimes complex nature of state government by merging many of their common needs into one simplified location online. When completing transactions through the portal, users will be interacting with several state agencies all in one seamless interaction, allowing them to get their work done quicker.


“It’s been our priority from day one to get more services online and create a true digital government where our business owners can spend time online – not in line,” Governor Lamont said. “Our economy depends on us continuing to lead the way with new technology to attract the best talent and minds in the country. Our citizens expect us to work across agencies so residents can interact with one seamless government – not siloed agencies. I look forward to seeing this program and our business community in Connecticut grow to become even stronger.” is the State of Connecticut’s front door and welcome center for businesses that are starting in or relocating to our great state, and this launch will let them know that we are open for business,” Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said. “This site will make it easier for businesses to get started and to expand by giving them a one-stop, online portal to state government so that we can grow together.”



“Instead of us making decisions about what this online service should look like within government, we asked businesses about their challenges and built the service based on their feedback,” Department of Administrative Services Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe said. “Our businesses expect us to serve them where they are – not the other way around. Business owners and citizens alike think of our government as one entity – not siloed agencies – and they expect us to be working together.”


“This new portal is a game-changer as it redefines how we communicate and interface with small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups,” Department of Economic and Community Development Deputy Commissioner Glendowlyn Thames said. “By providing users with a simple, seamless experience in accessing all the resources needed to start a business or navigate their COVID recovery, we are making Connecticut more attractive to companies and investors alike. I look forward to further innovations as this portal continues to evolve and improve for businesses across our state.”


“The Department of Consumer Protection works with hundreds of industries and processes hundreds of thousands of credentials every year,” Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull said. “We do everything we can to make sure that process goes smoothly – and

takes that a step further. I want to thank Governor Lamont for his leadership in this endeavor, and our sister agencies for their collaboration.”


“The Department of Revenue Services has welcomed the opportunity to contribute to, which will serve as an important vehicle to enhance online services and provide a more seamless experience for taxpayers,” Department of Revenue Services Acting Commissioner John Biello said. “As a customer service tool,

holds great promise for those seeking to navigate regulatory requirements and access guidance on how to plan, register, and operate a business in Connecticut. I applaud Governor Lamont and Chief Operating Officer Geballe for their vision, and for their support in fostering collaboration across agencies.”


Department of Labor Commissioner Kurt Westby said, “This is a great tool to help young businesses navigate the regulatory landscape and connect with the very state agencies that can help them thrive. I commend Governor Lamont and the administration for their ongoing work to develop our economy and invest in the people who make it run.”  is a huge step forward for companies looking to launch or manage a business in the state,” Peter Denious, president and CEO of AdvanceCT, said, “I commend Governor Lamont and his team for tackling this herculean project and delivering an efficient, business-friendly solution for companies looking to interact with the state of Connecticut.”


The development of was led by the Department of Administrative Services Digital Services team with the support for Deloitte Digital, along with the Department of Economic and Community Development, Department of Consumer Protection, Department of Revenue Services, Department of Labor, and Advance CT.


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Today’s Vehicle Fire

2020-07-30@12:07pm–#Norwalk CT–The Norwalk Fire Department along with PD and Norwalk Hospital responded to a motor vehicle fire on Connecticut ave.

This was a four-car crash with one car taking down three utility poles. The high tension wires surrounded the car and it burst into flames. The two occupants managed to get out with the help of bystanders.

Due to the wires still being, charged the fire department could not extinguish it till the power was cut. Four people in total were transported to the hospital. Two with serious injuries.

All four lanes were shut down and much of the area is without power.

Bridgeport News: 14 Year Old Boy’s Homicide UPDATE

#Bridgeport CT– Bridgeport police confirmed that Diante Willoughby’s bond was increased to $2 million per the court. An autopsy was completed today. The cause of death of Jose Nunez is strangulation and the manner of death is homicide. This is still a very active criminal investigation and no additional details will be released at this time. We do ask the public to contact Bridgeport Police at 203-581-5205 if they feel they have been victimized by Willoughby in the past, or have information regarding past criminal conduct involving Willoughby.


Bridgeport News” Social Media Encounters Lead To 14 Year Old’s Death

#Bridgeport, CT – On July 28, 2020, at 8:55 am a 14-year-old Bridgeport resident was reported missing by his mother. Later that same day, Bridgeport Police detectives received unconfirmed information that a homicide had been committed in Bridgeport and that the deceased body was dumped outside the city in another town. Detectives were not able to confirm that information on July 28th but did become aware of the missing 14-year-old and remained open to the possibility that this missing juvenile may be the victim of a homicide. Detectives had not yet learned where a body may have been dumped and did not have sufficient evidence at the time to confirm that a homicide occurred. On July 29th, detectives were able to further corroborate information that led police to a wooded area on Wyant Road in Oxford, Connecticut. The body of the 14-year-old missing person was located and has been identified as Jose Nunez, 14 of Bridgeport. Bridgeport Police detectives and task force officers took one suspect into custody in Oxford after a motor vehicle stop on Route 67, whom we had probable cause to believe were responsible for the death of Nunez. This person is identified as Diante Willoughby 10/29/2000 of Bridgeport. Willoughby was subsequently charged with Murder and bond is set at $1 million. “On behalf of the Bridgeport Police Department, I want to express our condolences to the family of Jose Nunez. This is a tragic incident that is felt throughout our entire community. We cannot imagine the tremendous loss that Jose’s family and friends are feeling at this time,” stated Chief Perez. “I would like to thank our Detective Bureau and officers for working diligently to seek justice for Jose and his family.”\