HARTFORD, CT – Connecticut Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford), State Representative Ben McGorty (R-122), and State Representative Laura Dancho (R-120) commend the State of Connecticut and the Connecticut Department of Education for awarding School Mental Health Specialist Grants to 72 districts across Connecticut. Stratford Public Schools is one of the recipients of the grant, which provides funding to increase the number of mental health workers in schools.

Stratford Public Schools is slated to receive a total of $124,920.90 over the course of three years, with the funding allocated as follows:

  • 2024 – $46,267
  • 2025 – $46,267
  • 2026 – $32,386.90

Sen. Kelly said, “All of Connecticut’s children deserve quality mental health care. By having more mental health specialists and a support system available in our schools, students will have improved access to the services they need during difficult times. Students cannot focus on education or other areas of their life if their basic mental and emotional needs are not being met. I’m happy to see this positive step in addressing the pressing and ongoing need for mental health support in our education system.”

Rep. McGorty said, “I am pleased that our schools will now be better equipped to treat students’ mental health with specialized care. Experiences with remote learning and instruction highlighted a growing concern of students’ mental health and it is a great step that we are making a targeted effort to improve how it is handled in our schools.” 

Rep. Laura Dancho (R-120) said, “As a mother and grandmother, I know how important it is to value our children’s mental health. Quality education cannot exist without first assuring that students have the support system they need to learn and interact with new and diverse ideas. I look forward to experiencing the benefits of these ARPA grants in our local schools, which will directly aid both our hardworking teachers and the future of Stratford: our students.”

The competitive grant program utilizes funding the state received from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). This is the second of three rounds of grants aimed at increasing the number of mental health workers in schools that are being administered by the state using ARPA funding.

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